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ICYMI: 3 Women Filmmakers on the Rise

Women’s contributions in film are undisputed—and under-recognized. A small shout-out we hope goes a long way. It shouldn’t take International Women’s History Month to recognize the contributions and talents of women. That’s so terribly cliché and expected, right? Especially when a company or organization ghosts the efforts and celebration of women throughout the rest of […]

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Why is Green the Worst Color? [Art Thoughts]

Green’s tyranny over the hue spectrum ends now. The currently accepted system of naming hues has been a huge misstep for mankind. Allow me to ramble on about why in this latest episode of Art Thoughts. Quick reminder, “Art Thoughts” is just a casual video series for rambling on about weird art stuff and fringe […]


6 Pro Tips for Filming and Editing Instagram Reels

From beginner to pro, here are six techniques for filming and editing your next Instagram Reel. Let’s get started! In 2016, Instagram introduced Instagram Stories, a feature that set out to dampen Snapchat’s continued growth, and ultimately, it did just that. In 2020, Instagram Reels was revealed, a feature similar to rival the ever-popular video […]

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REALISTIC EYE painting on iPad #Shorts

IPAD PAINTING TUTORIAL – You can paint a REALISTIC EYE #Shorts Here I use an Apple Pencil and iPad Pro to paint a realistic eye in the art app Procreate. Even if you are a beginner you can follow this easy step by step art tutorial to become a better artist and paint more realistically. […]

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Digital Painting with Warm and Cool Palettes

00:00 – introduction 00:52 – discussion of hue, tint, shade, tone 02:20 – subjectivity of color 03:32 – temperature definition 04:10 – finding shapes 04:33 – demonstration 1 10:13 – demo 2 JOIN ►► DISCORD ►► GUMROAD ►► PODCAST►► TWITTER ►► Read more: