18 FREE Office Sound Effects Pack for Your Next Project

18 FREE Office Sound Effects Pack for Your Next Project

Beeps, keyboard strokes, chatter, and phone calls. You can get all the office sounds and more in this FREE SFX pack for your production.

The internet is abundant with sound effects, and even we have several packs available to download for FREE. These FREE packs are perfect for when you’re in a pinch and can’t go out to grab the sound effects yourself. Or, perhaps you don’t own audio recording equipment.

However, even if you do own your own gear, at the moment and for at least the next year, it’s unlikely you’d be able to grab the ambient sound effects of a bustling city office—or how a busy office would sound pre-2020. Therefore, making that process of acquiring office sounds a little bit easier, we’re offering eighteen high-quality office sound effects.

Whether you’re making a short film, editing a mockumentary about a self-deluded white-collar office middle-manager, or need some background foley for a skit in your tutorial, these sound effects will give you the added production value you need. Whether a paper company in the Slough Trading Estate or a paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania, you’ll have enough SFX to bring your office scene to life.

The pack consists of sound effects ranging from the activity of office work, such as writing, typing, and mouse-clicking, to the sounds one would expect to hear from a city office building, such as elevator doors opening and the recognizable ding of an elevator arriving at its intended floor. However, if you wanted to hear the instant message dings of DunMiff/sys sending mischievous trolling messages to co-workers, you’d have to head on over to PremiumBeat to download the 29 HUD/UI SFX pack.

Office SFXGet quality office sound effects without ever going to the office. Image via Yulia Grigoryeva.

Like any sound effect, when applied to the timeline on its own, it can often sound coarse and unnatural. So, it’s best to throw in room tone or ambient sounds of the office. To make that process easier, you can find two lengthy office ambient tracks within the pack, as well.


By downloading, you agree not to resell or redistribute these free assets.

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Make Your Own SFX

Additionally, if after downloading our packs you want to start creating your own SFX library as a handy backup, PremiumBeat‘s own Anthony Najera has a tutorial for recording DIY SFX. Find out what equipment you’ll need, how to approach recording foley, and how they need to be processed.

Cover image via G-Stock Studio.

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