A Cheat Sheet for Selecting the Right Creative API

Creative APIs can seem similar on the surface. Here’s a guide with questions to ask so you can make an informed choice for your product.

Integrating a creative API allows you to deliver media content such as images, videos, and music tracks within your application. For marketing technology platforms with creative capabilities, this means your users can spend less time digging for the right visuals and more time launching campaigns that perform. 

There’s a number of creative API solutions that promise low-cost and high-quality integrations to help you reduce user friction during their creative process. You’re looking for an API that is fast to integrate, covers your users’ creative needs, and can scale with your platform. 

But what differences should you account for before an integration?

We created this cheat sheet with over 25 questions across the 8 categories listed below:

Search experience: number of search parameters, language support, programmatic localization, computer vision innovations, and metadataContent library: user industries, diverse and inclusive representation, freshness, commercial-use clearance, lossless file formats, and aesthetic qualitiesCustomization options: interface customizability, monetization, and workflow design flexibilityCost & value: option to resell content, development resources, and print collateral supportEase of integration: documentation, developer tooling, and troubleshooting supportSecurity & reliability: uptime and authentication methodsScalability: content type expansion, usage limits, and ability to tier content access for users on different subscription tiersGrowth support: regular growth opportunity assessments, performance data, input into API features development, and co-marketing campaigns

We understand that decisions around integrations can be overwhelming but we hope that this cheat sheet helps you feel more confident in your choice.

Download the full cheat sheet as a PDF

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