FREE Botanical PowerPoint Presentation Templates

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Elevate the look of your presentations with the help of these FREE Botanical PowerPoint Templates. Download today.

A presentation is an important, powerful tool to expand on information for your target audience. From project proposals to business portfolios, so many things can be presented more clearly through a PowerPoint Presentation.

If you’re presenting your information on a dull, blank, white presentation design, there’s a good chance you might bore your audience. As a consequence, they might miss a part of the important information you’re trying to present.

Don’t worry, you won’t need to have complex design skills to make your presentation more engaging. We’ve got you covered. We’re giving away two awesome Botanical PowerPoint Templates for FREE—simple to use and easy to customize.

Inside the Free Botanical PowerPoint Templates

This pack contains two sets of presentation templates. Both sets are decorated with botanical ornaments, in both light colors (Day Botanical Template) and in dark colors (Night Botanical Template).

Botanical TemplatesDay and Night Botanical Templates.

Each template contains various layouts, from title slide and section slide to bar and pie chart slides. The Day Botanical Templates are decorated with fun, cheerful leaves and flowers to uplift the vibes of your presentation.

The Day Botanical TemplateInside the Day Botanical Template. Images via Roman Samborskyi, F.B. Anggrahito A.E, F.B. Anggrahito A.E, and Waraporn Wattanakul, respectively.

Meanwhile, the Night Botanical Templates are decorated with some muted color leaves and abstract color blocks. This is an elegant design to make your presentation look classy and sophisticated.

The Night Botanical TemplateInside the Night Botanical Template. Images via Roman Samborskyi, F.B. Anggrahito A.E, F.B. Anggrahito A.E, and Waraporn Wattanakul, respectively.

Downloading the FREE Botanical PowerPoint Templates

Downloading these two FREE Botanical PowerPoint Templates is simple. Just click on the button below to start your download. Then, double-click the ZIP file to unpackage its contents and access all the files.


*By downloading these FREE Botanical PowerPoint Templates, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

How to Use these FREE Botanical PowerPoint Templates

These templates are available in two formats for PowerPoint and Google Slides. You can choose any of those platforms to make your presentation with these templates.

In PowerPoint

1. Install the Fonts

Before opening your PowerPoint application, you need to make sure that all the fonts used in these templates are installed in your computer. Otherwise, your computer’s default fonts will automatically replace them.

To install the fonts, simply open up the downloaded Botanical PowerPoint Template folder. Double-click on the Font folder, Select all (Ctrl+A), right-click, and choose Install.

Installing Your FontsInstall your fonts first before jumping in to use the template.

2. Import the Template to PowerPoint

Once the fonts are installed, simply double-click on the .potx file of the design you want to use in the PowerPoint template folder.

3. Save As & Rename

This .potx file is a PowerPoint template format, so you need to save the file as a .pptx file and rename it with your presentation name before modifying the template. Once you do that, you’re free to modify and customize your own PowerPoint presentation.

4. Customize Your Own PowerPoint Template

To customize your own PowerPoint template, view the Slide Master by clicking on the View tab and choose Slide Master.

Customizing Your TemplateView Slide Master to Customize your PowerPoint Template.

You can change the layout of the ornaments and text, edit the background color, and create a new layout that suits your needs.

At the end of the Slide Master page, there are some botanical clip arts that you can use to decorate slides. Simply copy and paste the clip art to your slides.

Add Botanical Clip ArtsThe botanical clip arts at the end of the Slide Master page to decorate your slide.

When you finish customizing your template, get back to your presentation slide view to edit your presentation. Close the Slide Master and you’ll view your presentation slides again. Then you can add some new slides, write your text, and add your images to your presentation.

Customize Your TemplatePresentation Slide View is where you can edit your presentation, and Slide Master View is where you can customize your template.

In Google Slides

1. Import the Theme

First, open Google Slides and sign in with your account. Start a new blank presentation. Click on Theme to show the Theme toolbar, then hit Import theme.

Importing the ThemeImporting the theme to Google Slides.

Upload the template .pptx file inside the Google Slides Template. Once the upload is done, choose the Night Botanical template, then click on the yellow Import Theme button.

Import Night Botanical TemplateImporting the Night Botanical template.

2. Add New Slides

Begin creating your presentation by adding some new slides. To do this, click on the arrow button next to the plus button on the top-left of the window. Choose as many slide layouts as you need.

Add New SlideAdding a new slide.

3. Customize Your Own Google Slides Template

You can customize your own Google Slides template by viewing the Master slides. This can be done by clicking on the dropdown View toolbar, then clicking on the Master view.

View Master SlidesViewing the Master Slides.

Now you can customize the template—adjust the ornaments, move or add some text placeholders, change the background color. Get creative!

Customize Your TemplateCustomize your own Google Slides Template.

Bonus Pro Tip: Putting the Ornaments on Top of the Image/Text Placeholder

You can use the botanical clip art as the foreground ornaments on any placeholder. When you customize your own template, you’ll notice that every clip art element will automatically become the background on the presentation slides. So, if you insert your image in the image placeholder, the image will block the ornaments, even if you already sent the picture placeholder to the back.

Ornaments on Top of PlaceholderUsing the botanical clip arts as the foreground ornaments on top of an image placeholder. Image via Waraporn Wattanakul.

The trick to keeping the ornaments on top is to insert your ornaments as a text placeholder. Here’s how:

In the Slide Master view, place the placeholder that you want to put behind the ornaments.If you want to use multiple clip arts, arrange your clip art in the layout you desire.Select all the clip art, right-click, and click group.Copy your image.Insert a text placeholder.Right-click on the text placeholder and choose format shape, then the format shape toolbar will appear on the right side.Under the Shape Options menu, choose picture or texture fill. Click clipboard to insert your copied image.Next, adjust the placeholder to fit exactly on top of the same image that you grouped earlier. Last, make the text of the placeholder transparent by clicking on the Text Options toolbar. Choose the Text Fill & Outline submenu on the top-left of the toolbar (the first left “A” icon), and then slide the transparency up to 100%.Go back to presentation slide view and insert your image into the image placeholder.If the picture is still blocking the ornament, right-click on the image and choose send to back, and the ornament will appear on top of your picture!

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