Shutterstock Partners with Gelato, Giving E-commerce Entrepreneurs Access to 360+ Million Images to Create Beautiful Products

This new integration will give entrepreneurs access to Shutterstock’s image library, making it easier to create eye-catching print products and boost online sales.

If you’re a small business owner, finding new ways to attract customers and deliver great products online is an ongoing challenge — especially now. 

To help these entrepreneurs scale their businesses, Shutterstock is excited to announce a partnership with Gelato, the world’s largest and greenest platform for on-demand production and delivery of custom products. 

The partnership enables e-commerce entrepreneurs using Gelato to discover — within the platform’s dashboard — content from over 1.6 million global artists to use when designing new products to sell online. Customizable products include wall art, framed posters, clothing, greeting cards and much more.  

“Shutterstock strives to empower creativity by democratizing content, making it accessible wherever creators are,” said Alex Reynolds, VP of Platform Solutions at Shutterstock. “The combination of Shutterstock content with Gelato’s platform will empower entrepreneurs to seamlessly and easily craft their own designs and bring them to market.”

The power of photography and e-commerce

Photo by asharkyu.

Today, through Gelato’s network of more than 100 production hubs across 30 countries, entrepreneurs can easily create unique products to sell in their online shops. And because all products are produced locally and on-demand, costs, transportation distances and carbon emissions are also greatly reduced.

“Many ecommerce entrepreneurs are starting their businesses by choice, but in today’s world some by necessity,”  said Founder and CEO of Gelato Henrik Müller-Hansen. “Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs and companies to share their creativity with consumers worldwide. By teaming up with Shutterstock, we enable any person in the world to tap into the world’s largest photo library and produce their customized product over Gelato. This will open up new revenue streams for up to 1.6 million artists and photographers.” 

Photo by Vagelis Pikoulas.

Access to 360+ million images and designs via Shutterstock’s API

Shutterstock’s image library is not only large, but also diverse. Imagery is sourced from artists in over 150+ countries, showcasing different perspectives and aesthetics from around the world.

Now entrepreneurs will be able to search Shutterstock’s library directly from within Gelato’s design editor, add the image or design to the product of their choice, upload it to their e-commerce store, and start selling immediately.  

Search Shutterstock images and illustrations directly from within Gelato to create eye-catching t-shirts and more.

Customers will pay for the images via an optional, tiered system with flexible payment methods relative to their preferences, and only pay if their product is sold.

A win-win for artists and e-commerce entrepreneurs

Photo by aaltair.

With a new generation of entrepreneurs seeking alternative revenue streams and career paths, Gelato has proved a dependable resource for those looking to sell internationally and efficiently: experiencing a 500% year-on-year growth in January. 

This partnership will expand income opportunities for Shutterstock contributors, whose images can now be licensed by a greater audience of e-commerce sellers looking to easily create products that appeal to new and loyal customers.

Joining forces to drive the API economy

Shutterstock is excited to join forces with a like-minded, API-powered global partner like Gelato. Today the two companies are united in a shared mission to help entrepreneurs and creatives around the world create beautiful products to grow their businesses. For years, AI technology has enabled Shutterstock to easily reach new audiences and create new opportunities for all involved through seamless integration of tools and data.

Through this partnership, Shutterstock’s content API is now helping power Gelato’s e-commerce API — which in turn powers an API economy that will help entrepreneurs engage more customers and make a real impact on their bottom line.

To explore the new integration between Shutterstock and Gelato, visit to get started.

Featured photo by Hien Phung Thu.

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