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B2B-Media Social Media Evenementen

Welkom bij B2B-Media Elke onderneming verdient succes. Alleen moeten wij daar wel optimaal aan werken.Succes is een ongrijpbaar fenomeen maar we kunnen het wel richting geven. De professionele kwaliteit van de bedrijfscommunicatie is de sleutel tot succes. Geen valse pretenties maar pure originele kwaliteit met inhoud maakt het verschil voor en door elke organisatie. B2B-Media […]


Deciding Between Insourcing and Outsourcing Creative

Follow these simple rules to make informed decisions on whether to take creative production in-house or outsource to an agency partner. Every marketing department has different needs depending on the goals and state of their business. With objectives constantly changing and certain skill sets being needed at different times, there’s no perfect formula to decide […]


Improving Your Brand-Agency Relationships

Increasingly, brands are re-evaluating how to resource their marketing teams. Here are a few ways to navigate the growing uncertainty between marketing teams and agencies. There’s a growing trend in marketing where many brands are taking their content and creative work in-house and out of scope from their agencies. It wasn’t long ago that agencies […]


IGTV: The Value and Usefulness of Streaming Video

Learn everything about Instagram’s new IGTV platform and discover tips for creating powerful IGTV videos for your business. Smartphone users have been able to upload videos to their Instagram account for a while, with one main drawback: a 60-second limit to video size. IGTV is the answer to this obstacle, and a whole new creative […]


6 Marketing Channels to Audit for Content Consistency

Content consistency is an important consideration in any content marketing strategy. Here are six channels you should audit today for evaluating content consistency. The reasons why marketers often overlook content consistency are varied and cover everything from a lack of resourcing, to the pressure to create differentiated content, to multiple channels to manage content for. […]