Month: May 2019


6 Marketing Channels to Audit for Content Consistency

Content consistency is an important consideration in any content marketing strategy. Here are six channels you should audit today for evaluating content consistency. The reasons why marketers often overlook content consistency are varied and cover everything from a lack of resourcing, to the pressure to create differentiated content, to multiple channels to manage content for. […]


We Grew Our Instagram From 5K to 50K in One Year. This is How.

Last year Shutterstock’s follower count grew by 10x. Try these five simple strategies for growing an Instagram following, and duplicate the secrets to our success. Growing an Instagram following requires a lot more work, dedication, and creativity than simply posting beautiful images. An Instagram account requires research, strategy, and a consistent execution plan in order […]

Arts Videos

PROCREATE Beginners Guide to the Essentials

A guide to the essentials of Procreate app for beginners. Here I help artists new to digital painting get started creating art on the ipad with Apple Pencil with this amazing painting app/ photoshop alternative. A full app guide Support me here and download colour files + more TEXTURE SPHERES: HOW TO […]


Design Tips: Using Spot Colors in Adobe Photoshop

Use this easy-to-follow guide to add spot colors in Adobe Photoshop, using Selections and Channels to get exacting results. Adding spot colors to your Photoshop file allows you to specify the color used for selections. This means you can select a Pantone swatch from a swatch book, and be guaranteed to get that exact color […]