Month: April 2020


What I Learned About Love and Grief When I Lost My Cats

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ~Anatole France Unconditional love. The thought of my cats envelops me with warmth whenever I think of them. Why? Because we’re so connected. It’s an ethereal thing. Beyond words. Beyond reality. Beyond rationality. When I’m holding them, I feel so spiritually connected. […]


30 Refreshing Color Palette Ideas for Your Website

Color is the first thing people notice on your website. Get a head start with these professionally made color combinations. Establishing an online presence is an absolute must for any business. In addition to creating your own website, the appearance and flow of your website should complement your brand and product offering. Color psychology and […]


A Message from 500px

The 500px team wanted to take a minute to address the impact that COVID-19 is having and send our love and best wishes to our millions of photographers around the world. We know that this is an extremely difficult time for everyone as you practice social distancing and we want to do whatever we can […]


16 classic and unique poses for photographing women

From the “flamingo” to the “bambi,” the last year has brought us a wide array of “trendy” poses adopted by celebrities and influencers. Some stuck around for a few months, and others have left a lasting impression. At the same time, today’s photographers continue to look to history, employing classic poses that have been used […]