Month: May 2020


How to Avoid a Soul-Crushing Life Crisis

“Sometimes it takes an overwhelming breakdown to have an unbelievable breakthrough.” ~Unknown I had hit rock bottom. Now that means different things to different people, so let me explain what my rock bottom meant. I’ll start with my physical health. I was underweight, about twenty-five pounds. My face looked gaunt and scrawny. I was hypertensive, […]


6 Practical Tips for Better Cinema Vérité Filmmaking

Improve your filmmaking approach and technique with these notable run-and-gun style filming practices. In the wonderful world of documentary filmmaking, you don’t always have the luxury of preparing shot lists and blocking scenes. For example, my current documentary project requires a lot of run-and-gun style shooting. This cinema vérité style is probably my favorite type […]


iPhone vs. Mirrorless: Can You Really Take Pro Photos with Your Phone?

We’re debunking the myth that professional photos aren’t possible with your smartphone camera. Let’s explore how an iPhone stacks up to a mirrorless camera. One of the worst feelings to experience as a photographer is stumbling upon an amazing photo opportunity, but you don’t have your camera on you. Professional photographers and ambitious photo hobbyists […]


New Updates to Shutterstock Contributor Earnings Structure

Learn about what the new earnings structure means for Shutterstock image and video contributors. Over the coming weeks, Shutterstock will update the earnings structure that determines how much contributors earn when customers license their work. We are making this adjustment in order to reflect changes in the global market for creative content. This creates fair […]


Tools and Apps that Compress Images for the Web

Image compression is an important part in preparing photos for the web. Here are some great tools and apps to assist in compressing your images. You’ve captured an amazing sunset overlooking the Himalayan Mountains, a ring of birds encircling the corner of the frame. What an image! You can’t wait to sit down, write a […]