Month: February 2021


The essential sunset photography guide

For some photographers, a mere fifteen minutes of sunset is worth a lifetime of traveling. Take, for example, Paul Reiffer, a UK-based photographer who spent years journeying across the globe to capture sunsets over Bonsai Rock, the Empire State Building, the Moeraki Boulders, Pulpit Rock, the Tokyo Tower, and beyond. In Torres del Paine, Patagonia, […]


Reimagining Mental Health: 500px Commercial Grant Recipients

500px is committed to providing photographers with opportunities to participate in evolving trends within commercial advertising. We not only want to provide an authentic look at global experiences, but redefine representation and drive inclusivity within commercial photography. To do this, we launched the 500px Commercial Grants program to help develop content representative of evolving trends […]


Congruent Depression: What It Is and How to Overcome It

“Not all of the depression that people experience is an illness… Unlike clinical depression, congruent depression is actually appropriate to your situation.” ~Dr. K ​Every day is the same. Every day I’m stiff. Every day I’m tired. These are the two main things that people with fibromyalgia deal with. It’s been like that for a couple […]


Photographer Andrew Walker on the Virtual Shutterstock Photo Booth

Andrew Walker discusses his less-than-ordinary Sundance experience, getting his subjects to feel comfortable in front of a camera, and more. Andrew Walker has been photographing celebrities for more than a decade, making portraits with such A-listers as Regina King, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Chadwick Boseman. But until this year’s Sundance Film Festival, which went entirely […]


How Money in Images Can Tell Impressive Stories

Let’s explore how money in images and photos can shape visual stories and have an impact on creative projects. Check our list out! Money talks. Money is power. While these adages may not have originated with photography, there’s no question that they’re relevant when it comes to visual storytelling. Images of money can allude to […]