Month: March 2021


Nine things you should do before your next shoot

You know the work of the iconic photographer Richard Avedon, but you might not know that before his shoots, he often asked his models what food and music they preferred on set. When he first photographed Twiggy, he famously played music from the popular English rock band The Kinks. In the end, his thoughtful approach […]

Design Videos

Anatomy Quick Tips: Necks

It’s time to get a good stranglehold on all of that neck anatomy. Luckily, learning to draw and paint necks isn’t as difficult as trying to repeatedly pronounce sternocleidomastoid and larynx. The art in this video was all done in Corel Painter 2021. You can find my free brush pack on my patreon page, no […]


20 photo accessories you need right now

Gear doesn’t define a photographer, but there’s no denying that the right tools can make your workflow run more smoothly. Today’s camera brands are smarter than ever, and keeping up with the “latest and greatest” gear can feel overwhelming, but the truth is that you don’t need to spend a fortune to fill your camera […]


Shutterstock Announces its First-Ever Integration with an SMS Marketing Platform, EZ Texting

Powered by Shutterstock’s API, businesses of all sizes can now instantly access millions of Shutterstock images to create high-impact texting campaigns  Finding new ways to attract prospects with eye-catching and relevant content can be an ongoing challenge — especially today. As many consumers continue to work from home, finding innovative marketing strategies to meet them […]