Month: April 2021


How to Add Subtitles to YouTube Videos

For YouTube videos, communication is essential. We’ll walk you through the ways you can get the best subtitles for your next project. Having accurate subtitles within your YouTube videos is important. Videos with inaccurate subtitles can send the wrong message to your viewers, destroy the meaning of a phrase, or just outright confuse those watching. […]

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PROCREATE TOP TIPS 12 MORE – Beginner to Advanced level

PROCREATE TOP TIPS 12 MORE – Beginner to Advanced level Here I use Procreate, iPad Pro 12.9 and Apple Pencil 2 to give you top 12 MORE top tips in 2021. My first and best 20 tips are here: Start free Brush Galaxy trial here: Support me here Facebook Instagram […]


13 FREE Custom LUTs for Log Footage

These LUTs were made with care to give your shots the stylized look you’re after. Download them now for FREE. I’ve been playing around with some color correction tools lately that I’m a big fan of. There’s a new color correction tool called Photon by that has a whole suite of interesting techniques to […]


Photo-Worthy Images of Mature Female Friendships

What characterizes today’s over-forty, female friendships? Here’s a checklist to make sure you’re not putting us out to pasture in our prime. When did drinking tea become the international symbol for women over forty? To judge by photos of “mature female friendships” (a surprisingly popular search term), you’d think that once women hit a certain […]


Making Influencer Marketing Work for Your Business

How do you identify the right people, how much should it cost, how do you measure results? With a proper understanding of influencer marketing, your business—no matter the size—can benefit. Defining a digital influencer strategy can be a key component to rounding out your digital marketing plan. Influencer referrals and promotions can have a direct […]


Celebrating Earth Day in commercial photography

Last year, on Earth Day’s 50th anniversary, a survey from Kearney revealed that even amid the pandemic, consumers feel a strong and growing interest in the environment. Almost half (48%) said that the pandemic had made them more concerned about the environment, and 55% said that they were more likely to purchase environmentally-friendly products as […]