Gen Con Convention (2/2) Exhibiting in the Gen Con Art Show | Things I learned

Join me on my small first visit to Gen Disadvantage, where I share a number of my

encounters and a few things i learned!

Note: The tablets are 8 x 2 foot., not 6 foot.


Shawn E. Russel: https://world wide

Naomi VanDoren: https://world wide

Naomi’ VanDoren’s Vlog: https://world wide

Mia Araujo:


Be A PATRON &#9658 https://world wide

Acquire Some ART &#9658


This Site &#9658

INSTAGRAM &#9658 https://world wide

FACEBOOK &#9658 https://world wide


Wacom Cintiq 27HD Touch Tablet

Adobe Illustrator CC


Award-winning Illustrator, Artist, and Creator Kiri &Oslashstergaard Leonard happily share her encounters earning money being an artist and going after an innovative existence. She increased in a small village in Denmark, left her country behind to pursue art within the bustle of recent You are able to City and today resides within the wonderful weirdness of Austin, Texas encircled by sunshine and felines.

MUSIC & Seem:

Tumbling Part 1 – Peter Sandberg &#9658 http://world wide

Flower Pose – Martin Veida &#9658 http://world wide

Oh So Hot – Gavin Luke &#9658 http://world wide

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