Calling All Creators: Share Your Work with the Tiny Buddha Community

Hello, buddies. Lori here. To be sure, I&rsquom the founding father of this website. Since you may not know, I&rsquom also an aspiring filmmaker and lover of the things creative.

2 yrs ago I co-authored and created my first video clip and also have been writing my first feature screenplay, that we lately finished, since. I&rsquove been silently admiring others&rsquos creations, dreaming about following within their actions although not always feeling the arrogance required to start.

I&rsquom in awe from the breathtaking work I see all around the web, from vivid works of art and eclectic art journal pages to elaborate cakes and sculptures created using unconventional materials.

I possibly could spend hrs watching short films and small docs such as the following artists through their process and showcase their beautiful creations.

Whenever a thing of beauty, I understand I&rsquom seeing a bit of someone&rsquos soul&mdashtheir love, their passion, their perspective&mdashand I&rsquom motivated to interact with that little creative spark inside myself that wishes to completely blaze.

To tell the truth, I&rsquom additionally a little envious since i haven&rsquot always prioritized creativeness, even if I&rsquove had space within my schedule to get it done. I&rsquove frequently busied myself with mindless distractions rather of obtaining a paintbrush or perhaps a pen. And That I&rsquove made excuses to prevent connecting with myself and expressing myself in new ways.

I&rsquove told myself I don&rsquot have plenty of time. And don&rsquot understand what I&rsquom doing. And shouldn&rsquot put money into supplies. I&rsquove told myself I&rsquom not adequate enough. Or experienced enough. Or too old to begin something totally new.

But I wish to move beyond these fears, doubts, and excuses making creativeness a far more regular a part of my existence&mdashbecause In my opinion we never feel as alive as whenever we&rsquore lost in just a minute of creation. Time slows lower, combined with the ideas within our busy minds, also it&rsquos like little else exists aside from the canvas or even the camera or even the clay.

Creativeness heals. It provides us an area to exercise feelings we might otherwise haven’t fully acknowledged or processed.

Creativeness calms. Whenever we&rsquore within the zone, crafting something with this hands and our hearts, we&rsquore not considering exactly what hurts or may go wrong&mdashwe&rsquore blissfully within the now.

Creativeness empowers us to meet the increasing demand inside ourselves with this own passion rather of stuff along with other distractions. The greater time we spend creating things we have to create, the a shorter period we spend consuming things we don&rsquot have to consume.

Creativeness may be the freedom to experiment and check out something totally new, with no rules or limitations except those we put on ourselves. It&rsquos an invite to experience, explore, enjoy yourself, also it inspires us to determine both beauty that exists on the planet because it is and also the beauty that may be.

This season I wish to become more creative&mdashmore significant, more courageous, and much more seen&mdashand I wish to inspire others to complete exactly the same.

Should you&rsquove place your life blood right into a creation of your, I&rsquod like to share your projects within the new &ldquoCommunity Creations&rdquo feast upon your blog. Each week this feed will showcase:

Artwork (works of art, illustrations, math comic strips, etc.)



Short films


Art projects not pointed out above (the greater creative, the greater!)

To submit your projects that need considering, please follow the instructions here. Thanks ahead of time for discussing your projects. I’m able to&rsquot wait to determine that which you&rsquove done, and also to observe how it inspires the city!

About Lori Deschene

Lori Deschene may be the founding father of Small Buddha. She&rsquos even the author of Tiny Buddha’s Gratitude Journal and other books and co-founding father of Recreate Your Life Story, a web-based course that can help you forget about yesteryear and redefine yourself. An enthusiastic film lover, she lately finished writing her first feature screenplay and would appreciate advice from anybody in the market to assist have this made. You are able to achieve her at email (at)

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