10 FREE Christmas Sound Effects

This free SFX pack is filled with the sounds of Christmas, from jingle bells to holiday party room tone.

These sound effects cover a wide range of sounds you might hear during the holiday season. From distant chatter from a family gathering to the literal sounds of Santa’s “Ho-Ho-Ho,” these are perfect for your next Christmas-themed commercial, feature, or corporate holiday videos.

Whether you’re in the business of producing videos, or simply editing them, these assets are perfect to throw in to fill the empty spaces of whatever footage you’re working with. For example, by adding the sound of jingle bells at a very low decibel under your footage will give it a Christmas feeling.

Download these ten free high-quality sound effects and use them in your Christmas projects. Get a bonus discount in the pack that will allow you to get more stock music from Shutterstock at a discount.

Download 10 FREE Christmas Sound Effects

Like any sound effect, when left alone they can often sound a little rough. So it’s best to throw in music underneath, or room tone, or ambient sounds of the living or dining room during holiday family gatherings. Never be afraid to throw in as many sounds as you can to fill up the spaces.

More Christmas Footage and Music

Image via Yuganov Konstantin.

If you need a full on soundtrack to your video project, we have a massive selection of holiday music on Shutterstock Music and PremiumBeat. Check out this playlist of some of our favorite songs below


We also have plenty of Christmas footage, images, and vectors perfect for contributing exactly the right amount of holiday cheer to your next creative endeavor.

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Cover Image via Guschenkova.

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