10 Reasons Why Five Million People Have Used Shutterstock Editor

Five million users have discovered Editor, where you can create anything from an Instagram Story to an entire presentation.

In 2019, the world of marketing is more visual than it ever has been. Big social channels like Instagram and Pinterest prioritize amazing visuals, while print materials have reached new levels of sophistication. An engaged audience expects beauty alongside information, even in presentations or display ads. That’s why we launched Shutterstock Editor in 2016 – to enable anyone to design and create their own marketing materials without the need for expensive software or design training. Since then, more than 5 million users have discovered Editor as a powerfully simple way to create designs.

Editor has become an essential design tool for busy marketers and small business owners who need professionally designed templates and the ability to build complete designs before committing to licensing an image for their project.

We’ve rounded up the top ten reasons why five million people have chosen Shutterstock Editor, including exciting new features that make the application even better.

1. Over 150 professionally designed templates

When you’re strapped for time or you’re not sure how to start a design, templates are a lifesaver. With over 150 options for social media, presentations, ebooks, and more, you can complete a fully customized design in minutes.

2. Multi-page designs and templates

In Editor you can add pages to your designs, making it easy to create materials with multiple pages, like PDFs and presentations. In fact, Editor has multi-page templates for presentations, with a custom look for every slide.

3. Seamless access to more than 260 million images

Editor doesn’t just offer design tools – it also gets you access to Shutterstock’s library of over 260 million images. With a search bar built into the app, you can easily discover, preview, and download the right content for your design with just a few clicks.

4. Find related images

If you’re using a template and want to switch up the imagery, it’s easy to find something similar with the “Search related images” feature. Our machine learning powered search engine will return matches for any photo, vector, and illustration you choose.

5. Powerful mockup tools

Digital products and services can be hard to illustrate – that’s why designers rely on mockups to show how websites, apps, and software looks in a natural digital environment. Editor’s Perspective tool puts mockups in your hands, helping you display content in professional, real world environments, like phone screens, tablets, desktops, and various print uses.

Learn how to make screen replacements in Editor

6. 150 fonts and support for multilingual text

A design is nothing without great typography. Editor lets you choose from 150 fonts, including display and handwriting fonts, that fit your brand and your message. Even better, Editor supports multilingual text so that you can communicate locally to your audience.

7. Easy collaborations and sharing

Before you commit to a design and license any images, you can send and share them to your colleagues. With simple sharing features, you can email a design to anyone in order to receive. You can also save and return to any of your designs in the future.

8. A Software Development Kit (SDK)

The Editor SDK enables seamless integration of Editor into third-party workflows, allowing applications to offer their end users an intuitive image editing experience within their creative workflow. If you’re looking to enhance a product. This saves developers from creating editing capabilities from scratch and reduces friction in the user experience.

9. Intuitive photo editing tools

Editor isn’t just a design app – it’s also great for photo editing. With advanced photo retouching functions you can change the look and feel of any photo, even ones that you upload yourself. You can also set image dimensions and use the crop tool to size photos perfectly.

10. Support through tutorials

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Editor is easy to use, but you can get even more out of the app using our tutorials on the Shutterstock Blog, plus a series of helpful support articles. From creating Facebook ads to multi-page PDFs, we have step-by-step lessons for creating any marketing material. Here are a few of our favorites:

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