400+ FREE Icons and Shapes to Make Any Design Stand Out

Roundup: All the FREE Icons of 2019

With more than 400 unique icons listed, your designs are in for a serious personality upgrade.

We rounded up all of the free icons that we’ve made, including Instagram highlights icons, fun themed vectors, and abstract shapes. Graphic and motion designers alike will find a ton of icons, graphics, and elements to choose from.

In each section, click on the button to go directly to the original article where you can download each free packs and get tips on how to make the most of them.

By downloading these free icons, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

Zines and Social Channels

50+ FREE Vector Doodles and Lettering

Roundup: All the FREE Icons of 2019 — Vector Doodles and <span class=Lettering" class="wp-image-114942"/>

Add some DIY flair to your designs with these FREE vector doodles and handwritten fonts. Use them in print or on the web for a personalized, hand-drawn touch of whimsy.

This pack contains hand-drawn doodles and icons, including:

the alphabet, numbers, and symbolshearts and starsarrows, lines, and squigglessnack foodsgems and sparklescacti and flowers


Free Instagram Pack: 145 Highlight Cover Backgrounds, Type, and Icons

Roundup: All the FREE Icons of 2019 — Instagram Highlight Pack

Social media apps are a great way to promote your business, blog, or portfolio. Elevate your profile page with this free pack of highlight cover elements.

This free Instagram highlight pack features 145 total elements that you can use for any social media application. In the download, you’ll receive access to twenty-one colored backgrounds, five hand-drawn script files, and twenty-six vector and raster icons. 

Download Free Instagram Highlights Pack

Eco-conscious and Plant Based Icons

10 Free Nature-Themed Icons For Eco-Friendly

Roundup: All the FREE Icons of 2019 — Nature-Themed Eco Friendly Icons

Show off your love for the Earth with these ten FREE nature-inspired icons. Use them across print, digital, or social media to promote sustainability for your brand.

Inspired by the rise of the Plastic Free and Kawaii Creative Trends, these ten free nature-themed icons evoke all things earth-friendly. Use these versatile icons to supplement sustainable graphics or use them to promote an upcoming workshop or event.

Download 10 Eco Friendly Icons

FREE Pack of 24 Illustrated Plant Icons

Roundup: All the FREE Icons of 2019— Illustrated Plant Icons

Plants have become a major motif in the creative realm. Download this illustrated plant pack to inject some nature into your designs.

This free Plants Illustration pack features five hand-drawn elements in four color schemes that designers can use for multiple applications, from personal backgrounds to social media elements. In the download, you’ll receive access to four backgrounds and twenty total illustrations.

Download the Illustrated Plants Pack

Holiday Themed Icons

Free Fall Icons and Graphics Pack

Roundup: All the FREE Icons of 2019 — Fall Holiday-Themed Icons

Harvest this collection of free fall-themed icons to add the brisk feeling of seasonal change to any print or web design. Find a veritable cornucopia of images that captures the magic of the vernal equinox and beyond.

In this free collection, you get the following:

Three different kinds of leaves in four different colorsGourdsJack-o’-lanternRegular lanternCandlesAutumn-relevant animals like a squirrel, bats, and geeseand some fun surprises!

Download Fall Icons & Graphics

8 Free Seamless Vector Patterns to Spread Holiday Cheer

Roundup: All the FREE Icons of 2019 — Holiday Seamless Vector Patterns

Need some vector graphics for your holiday designs? Download eight FREE icons, all laid out in seamless patterns so you can tile them however you want.

Whether you’re designing an e-card for Mom, a holiday newsletter, or your own wrapping paper, this collection has you covered with eight holiday-themed vector icons. But that’s not all — we laid them out in a seamless pattern, so you can multiply them to infinity, and they will line up perfectly.

Download Free Holiday Patterns

Organic Shapes and Gradient Icons

64 Gradient Backgrounds, Shapes, and Swatches

Roundup: All the FREE Icons of 2019 — Organic Shapes and Gradients

This free gradient pack features sixty-four gradient elements that you can use for a variety of applications, from shape overlays to accent backgrounds. In the download, you’ll receive access to forty gradient swatches and twenty-four vector and raster shapes and backgrounds.

Download 64 Gradient Shapes

31 Free Linocut Elements

Roundup: All the FREE Icons of 2019 — Linocut Elements

You can add organic texture and grit to any design, from graphics to home decor, with these completely FREE linocut elements.

We created this pack of thirty-one free block print shapes and textures to bring a hint of linocut to your digital designs. Each texture and shape is one-of-a-kind and handmade, created in-house by carving out linoleum and stamping onto paper.

Download the Free Linocut Pack

Motion Icons and Animations

51 FREE Eye-Catching Accent Animation Motion Graphics

This free accent animation motion graphics pack includes the following:

51 FREE pre-keyed .mov video files with alpha channelsCircle animationsSquare animationsLine animationsBubble animationsGeometric shape animationsIsometric animationsBurst animationsSquiggly line animationsZig-zag animations

51 FREE Accent Animation Motion Graphics

50+ FREE Social Media Marketing Elements and Designs

Spice up your Instagram stories with seven templates, which you can fully customize in Adobe Premiere Pro — and check out these social media icon animations and free animated text overlays.

This free social media pack includes the following:

7 Instagram Story template files for Premiere (.mogrts)6 Customizable text overlay animations for Premiere (.mogrts)26 animated social media icons (with alpha channel)21 curated colored Instagram backgrounds20 titles for adding quick typography to your designs


Want even more? Find more free design elements here.

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