5 FREE Lightroom CC Presets That Get Users to Stop Scrolling

Want to spiff up your channels? Ditch the built-in filters and download these five FREE Lightroom CC presets ideal for social media.

Social Media image styles are ever evolving, constantly moving, and seem to be instantly passé as soon as they are popular. Some last a while though. We not only offer some timeless image style presets, we cover some of these longer-lasting trends, too. Some of them borne from social media specifically, some from film.

These 5 FREE presets for Lightroom CC will unbind you from built-in app filters, which will help your brand look fresh and custom designed. Plus, they aren’t tied to any one app in any way. Use these for images wherever you need them to go, or on images that aren’t even for social media. They’re versatile and customizable to your various aesthetic whims and needs.

Download 5 FREE Lightroom CC Presets for Social Media

Click the button below to download five FREE presets to load into Lightroom CC — or legacy versions Lightroom Classic.

Along with these custom presets, here are some instructions on how to load them. Below are some before-and-after shots, and some tips for making your own adjustments.


These presets are free to use in any personal or commercial projects. By downloading, you agree not to redistribute these assets.

1. Warm
5 FREE Lightroom CC Presets That Get Users to Stop Scrolling — Warm

Image via Zolotarevs

The Warm preset is a simple but powerful look, making any cool-toned image look more inviting. Make a pic taken in late autumn feel like late summer. Or, make a midday shot look more “magic hour.”

Change the White Balance with the Temp and Tint sliders in the Color section under the Edit menu, ever so slightly. Small changes made a big difference, so nudge them in increments to bring the general cast of the image cooler or warmer.

2. Cool Crisp Landscape
5 FREE Lightroom CC Presets That Get Users to Stop Scrolling — Cool Crisp Landscape

Image via Maridav

The Cool Landscape filter will add a chill to your photos. It takes the shadows down, slightly blows out the highlights, and adds crisp clarity for a winter landscape photo. This look has been popular for a long time, even before social media, so people respond well to it. You can turn a snapshot into a stylized and painterly landscape photo.

Play with the Clarity control under Effects in the Edit menu. This will heighten the dramatic interplay between the highlights and shadows, while letting you still control them specifically under the Light section.

3. Vintage Vacation
5 FREE Lightroom CC Presets That Get Users to Stop Scrolling — Vintage Vacation

Image via Cabeca de Marmore

The look of vintage-style film is always going to be pleasing. Color shifted highlights and lifted shadows make for a dreamy, but familiar, softened image. The tonality of the entire image is shifted to look like stock film on a drugstore print. But far from cheap-looking, it adds nostalgia to an image, highlighting your post in any social feed.

Adjust the Vignette under the Effects section in the Edit menu. Also, adjust the Grain, to add or reduce grittiness. A little goes a long way here.

4. Candid Disposable
5 FREE Lightroom CC Presets That Get Users to Stop Scrolling — Candid Disposable

Image via DC Studio

A huge trend now, and the foreseeable future, is the disposable camera look. Independent from Vintage Vacation, Candid Disposable treats your image with a different kind of film effect: more 90s point-and-shoot disposable than warm and fuzzy. Use this one to increase the in-action feel of candid shots, but it can be applied to any image.

This preset increases saturation and highlights, deepens shadows, and adds a vignette to the edges, mimicking the cheap flash on those disposable cameras. Play with the Saturation control under Color in the Edit menu. Here too, a little goes a long way, especially in the skin tones. Changing the Contrast can increase or decrease the realism.

5. Teal and Orange
5 FREE Lightroom CC Presets That Get Users to Stop Scrolling — Teal and Orange

Image via rdonar

The Teal and Orange presets will give you the look popularized in films and photos alike.

Several years ago, this look was a hot topic for debate. It started mostly in the film industry, when editors gained more control over color grading with advances in digital editing. Now it’s a standard, useful, beautifying trick for images like travel photos. When you want high drama, that wanderlust feel, or simply to warm up an image while simultaneously cooling it down, Teal and Orange is your go-to.

To prevent gradients from getting choppy or banded, adjust the individual sliders in the Color section, as seen below. To adjust each color, simply click a colored circle and adjust the Saturation or Hue. Tweak just enough to fix the problem area. It’s best to leave the Luminance slider alone for this specific preset.

5 FREE Lightroom CC Presets That Get Users to Stop Scrolling — Luminance Slider

Cover image via rdonar

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