500px presents: 12 Days of Questmas

Believe to start christmas than the usual creativeness-boosting photo challenge&mdashor 12 of these? Satisfy the 12 Days of Questmas: 12 unique Quests created for 500px photographers to check their skills and win exciting prizes from a few of the world&rsquos top photography brands. Here&rsquos how much from Questmas and the way to enter. Grab your gear and obtain your vision on the prize!

How do i become involved?

From December 1 to 12, we&rsquore inviting the 500px community to submit their photos towards the 12 Days of Questmas challenges. Each Quest includes a theme to obtain your inspiration flowing, and particular needs to check your skill. To become qualified to win the grand prize for any Quest, all that you should do is submit a photograph that fits the theme and needs outlined within the brief. People can submit as numerous photos to as numerous Quests because they&rsquod prefer to throughout the 12 days.


How are winners determined?

In the finish from the 12 days, 500px&rsquos group of photo editors will evaluate the submissions and choose one lucky champion and 10 runners-up for every Quest.

Do you know the prizes?

We&rsquore not revealing that surprise at this time! One grand prize is going to be revealed daily through the 12 Times of Questmas. Make sure to look into the Quests page daily to determine what prize continues to be revealed. Until then, here&rsquos a sneak look of a few of the brands we&rsquore dealing with:










Peak Design



What exactly are Quests?

A new comer to Quests? Not a problem. Quests are creative photo challenges made to help 500px photographers test their skills and obtain renowned for their work. Each Quest includes a different theme inspired by current photography trends, a distinctive group of needs, as well as an awesome prize.

To undergo a search, go to the Quests page, in which you&rsquoll find all active Quests which are presently accepting submissions. When there&rsquos an energetic Quest that piques your interest, evaluate the brief, the needs, and also the inspiration example images we&rsquove curated to provide you with and concept of what we should&rsquore searching for&mdashthen get shooting and submit your photo!

Submitting to Licensing with Quests

The needs for every Quest will vary, but frequently you&rsquoll observe that your photo &ldquomust be posted to Licensing.&rdquo We provide possibilities for photographers to license their photos and produce money through our exclusive distribution partners with 500px Licensing. However if you simply&rsquore not really acquainted with submitting your photos to Licensing, don&rsquot worry about it. Here&rsquos a complete guide to licensing your photos, including ways to get began. Make sure to take a look at our sources about model releases, too, and go ahead and take uncertainty from when and cooking techniques.

Tell us that which you consider the difficulties within the comments&mdashhappy Questmas!

Primary photo: Bogdan Dreava

Read more: iso.500px.com

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