8 Free Seamless Vector Patterns to Spread Holiday Cheer

Need some vector graphics for your holiday designs? Download these 8 FREE icons, all laid out in seamless patterns so you can tile them however you want.

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Scratch creating backgrounds from your to do list. These free and festive vector patterns will add cheer to any campaign.
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Whether you’re designing an e-card for Mom, a holiday newsletter, or your own wrapping paper, this collection has you covered with eight holiday-themed vector icons. But that’s not all — we laid them out in a seamless pattern, so you can multiply them to infinity, and they will line up perfectly.

8 free holiday pattern vectorsYou can tile these designs as many times as you need, seamlessly!

Hit the download button below to grab these free icons and seamless backgrounds. (As a bonus, they come in three file types.)

JPG: for simple web layouts.PNG: for web or print, with transparent backgrounds that allow layering.EPS: for using and editing in your own vector designs – you are free to blow these up or stack them and build your own scenes and custom patterns.

Then, keep reading for how to use these, based on the file type and its environment.

These patterns are free to use in any personal or commercial project. By downloading, you agree not to redistribute these assets.

Download the Free Holiday Patterns

Using the JPGs

If you want to use the jpegs for a web background, simply drag the icon or background files to your layout, and make sure you’re working in RGB mode and that the file sizes are comparable.

Since the background files are seamless, this means you can simply position them side-by-side and top-to-bottom and they will line up for perfect repetition. If you wish to change the size, you won’t need to up-sample or downsize the file; you just need to add more instances of the file and align them.

The same applies to using individual icons for design elements. Either open the file in Photoshop and drag to your layout, or drag the file to your open design, and it should drop right in.

Using the PNGs with Transparency

While jpeg files give you the quickest route to using images in a web design, a png file gives you the same ease of use, but it preserves the transparency. This allows you to stack and overlap these icons without the white background that comes with a jpeg. This makes them ideal for more involved designs.

Using PNGs for transparency.Any gaps in the image are transparent, but solids are filled white.

As above, pick either a background file or an icon file, and either open it to edit, or drag it right to your layout’s window. In raster apps, like Photoshop, it will come in at a large 1000px size, perfect for reducing while retaining image quality. The same goes for Illustrator, or other vector apps, but with raster files there’s a limit to how large you can make the images.

Customize the Vectors in the EPS Files

For the most options related to really working with the icons and backgrounds, the eps files are the actual files we built for this freebie. That means you can do the following:

Change colorsEdit the shapesDistort and transformScale to infinity

The eps format is pretty universal, so just open them in your favorite vector app. Then change things to your heart’s delight.

Open eps vile in your vector app.Open the eps file in your favorite vector app.

A file called “Layout” is in the download, in the eps folder. This includes the grid layer I used to make the patterns repeatable and seamless. I only included the vector file because you need precision — like the precision you find with the Move function in Illustrator. Otherwise, you’ll be eyeballing, and the pattern relies on exact placement to be seamless. You’ll also want the “GRID” layer’s visibility toggle to hide it when saving, but keep it for adjustments.

Once you’ve built your custom icon, group it with Command + G, and center it to the top-right box, making sure the box stays put (the layer comes locked, so just leave it.) The grid goes off the artboard, but that ensures the graphics connect and repeat properly.

Group custom icons.Group your custom icons with Command + G.

With your custom icon or combo selected, hit Enter/Return and the Move dialog will come up. Enter “2.5” in the Horizontal field, “0” in Vertical. The other fields will automatically populate, so just leave them.

Move dialog box.Select your custom icon and hit Enter to open the Move dialog box.

Then hit Copy, not OK, to copy your art to the same spot in the next box as the original. Hit Command + D to add another instance at the same interval in the third box.

Use Command + D to add instances of the design at intervals.
After hitting Command + D, to repeat the last action, your top row is complete.

Select the art in the top row and hit Enter/Return again to open the Move dialog. Now enter “0” in the Horizontal field, “5” in the Vertical field, and hit Copy. The bottom row is now full with your art.

Copy the top row.Once your top row is complete, you can copy it to fill the bottom row.

To fill the middle section, select the art in the top-left and top-middle boxes and hit Enter/Return. Now enter “1.25” in the Horizontal field, “2.5” the Vertical field, and hit Copy.

Fill the bottom and middle rows.Finally, fill the middle section with an additional copy.

Mask off the edges by making a 5″x5″ box centered on the canvas. Select all (Command + A) and hit Command +7 to create a Clipping Mask. Now you have your own repeating, seamless pattern. You can save for web to create jpegs and pngs, or use it in other vector and raster programs.

Mask off the edges.The icons fill to the artboard edges.

Transfer this masked group to another vector layout. To repeat the pattern, simply reduce the size, copy and paste, butt the edges against one another, and keep the alignment square.

Transfer the masked group.4 instances of the original masked group, squared up and touching, showing the repeatability of the design.

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