A Look Into 2021: Our Mission to Help You Work Faster and Smarter

We’re laser focused on delivering enhanced integrations that will accelerate your workflow and put 350+ million creative assets at your fingertips

As we look ahead into 2021, employers continue to navigate this semi-permanent shift in the work world, making decisions for the future as best they can.  

The good news is that 2020 proved that companies can adapt in order to benefit the health and safety of their workers — and many will continue to be flexible this year, too. In fact, a recent study from Office Depot found that 86% of employers surveyed said they are letting their employees decide when they return to on-site work, and most support strategies that may keep their employees safer and healthier. 

Additionally, Google, which has led the tech industry with their remote-work decision making, recently sent an email to employees extending their work-from-home period until September 1, 2021.

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When working from home, access to tools is critical 

We all learned in 2020 that content workflow efficiencies are critical when working remotely, and this year will be no different. For marketers, designers, business leaders, and many others, being able to access relevant, rich-media quickly from within your creative and marketing tools stack is essential to increasing the quality of your content and productivity. 

We also learned that having easy, secure, centralized access to the tools you use each day to collaborate, manage projects and execute on deliverables is just as important to getting work done. That’s why late last year we launched turnkey  Single Sign-On integration (SSO) across the globe for our Premier customers. Centralizing Shutterstock access not only increases efficiency, but also enhances security for enterprise customers worldwide.

More flexibility, better results — wherever you create content

It’s no secret that flexibility is key throughout your remote workday — the ability to be nimble and quickly execute on deliverables is foundational to your success. That’s why we’re delivering on our promise to help accelerate your workflows by accessing Shutterstock wherever you create content.

Whatever your workflow and whichever content platforms you use — including internal systems and external sites — it’s our goal to help you connect to assets and find the most relevant content quickly. As just one example, our recent (free!) integration with WordPress includes an innovative real-time Smart Image Recommendation feature that suggests high-quality images based on the text you type. This means that content creators can quickly find the perfect Shutterstock image and instantly share their stories with the world — without ever having to leave the WordPress platform.

Shutterstock CEO Stan Pavlovsky called this integration a glimpse into our future. “It’s a great example of how we are leveraging our computer vision technology and API to quickly suggest relevant content to our users,” he said. “Our goal is to accelerate workflows and empower brands to inspire their audiences with engaging and compelling visual stories.”

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A look at the year ahead

In 2020, we were excited to launch a huge number of new integrations, including Okta, AuthO, Cloudinary, Microsoft, Woodwing, and many more.

In 2021, we look forward to bringing your team even more enhanced productivity tools to help you work faster and smarter. We’re currently pursuing a wide range of integration partners in the categories of Dynamic Creative Optimization, Enterprise Content Management, Media Asset Management partners and more. 

We’re also enhancing our API offering to include advanced functionality like Smart Image Recommendations (already available in our WordPress integration) and Localized Search that can surface even more relevant content with GeoRanking. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

With these updates, creative teams can be even more efficient by gaining instant access to Shutterstock’s library of 350+ million images, videos and music tracks in more places than ever before. 

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Is your team ready for 2021?

As you consider ways to support your employees in 2021, we hope improved access to creative content is on your list of priorities. To help you evaluate opportunities to access Shutterstock assets more efficiently, we’ve compiled a list of all our integration partners. Many of these integrations are free to use if you’re already working with our platform partners.

To get started, check out the new Enterprise Integrations Directory and take the next step to unlocking the power of these integrations for your team today.

Here’s to a productive 2021!

To learn more about our existing Enterprise Integrations and find out how your team can take advantage of these workflow efficiencies visit www.shutterstock.com/business/enterprise-integrations or get in touch with our team directly at premierintegrations@shutterstock.com.

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