Access Shutterstock Content Inside of eMAM

Shutterstock Assets in eMAM

eMAM, a leading workflow solution for the creation and management of shared media, now offers a robust Shutterstock integration.

Content creators across all industries now juggle de-centralized workflow, growing storage costs, and increased resource strain within a shrinking production timeline.

The eMAM solution — used primarily by media-based enterprise companies in need of comprehensive video and production tools — simplifies the production process with streamlined ingest and asset organization coupled with automated pathways to deliver assets for screening, social media, OTT, and broadcast. eMAM’s AI-powered tagging vastly improves asset discovery, while reducing manual labor.

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“The eMAM web interface can now give easy access to all authorized technical and non-technical staff worldwide access to all of the great Shutterstock graphics and clips used by an organization for reuse in current projects,” said David Miller, the President of EMAM, Inc.

You can now access previously licensed Shutterstock stills and videos without having to leave the eMAM tool.  Search, preview, and share Shutterstock assets at every production stage. Here’s what to expect from the Shutterstock integration for Premium and Enterprise customers:

Automated Sync of Licensed Shutterstock Assets

Purchase assets on, and find them automatically available to use inside the eMAM tool. You will see the asset itself, as well as keyword, caption, credits, and more metadata.

With this automatic sync, there is no more need to manually uploading assets. Authorized users can access the licensed media from any connected device, so your organization can save on asset re-licensing costs and find the best media for every project.

AI Keyword Tagging of Shutterstock assets

With keywords and other metadata tags, you can search your library of previously licensed assets that can be reused. eMAM preserves Shutterstock metadata, and adds more keywords using AI-powered tagging tools.

Automatically Capture License Information and Usage Rights

The Shutterstock integration into eMAM maps and embeds license information into each asset, including subscription ID, usage terms, and custom information entered upon the purchase. You can track media use and monitor licensing compliance.  

To request the Shutterstock plugin, contact your local eMAM technology solutions provider at


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