Ambassador Spotlight: Meet Ueli, Jovana, Anthony, Amanda and Ilya

Last week, we introduced you to the 500px Ambassadors. A group of 20 talented photographers who are eager and excited to share their knowledge and skills with the 500px community.

In this first of four articles in our Ambassador Spotlight series, we’ll take a closer look at who our Ambassadors are and how photography has changed their lives.

This week we’re featuring: Ueli Frischknecht, Jovana Rikalo, Anthony Sotomayor, Amanda Carlson and Ilya Blinov.

Why did you become a photographer?:
“I love to freeze unique moments and share them with everyone out there. Also, I love to give minorities and important topics a voice. Becoming a professional photographer didn’t happen overnight but it was always in my head and I never gave up on my dream.”

How has photography changed your life?:
“Photography is the essence of my life. It’s pure joy and sometimes it’s also a kind of self-therapy. It helps me processing things that happen in my life.”

Why do you use 500px?
“500px is a fantastic social media platform. I love that the community is super passionate about photography. That’s really great!”

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Why did you become a photographer?:
“I wanted to tell a story. I want to help people to get through hard periods by looking and reading my photos.

How photography has changed your life?:
“I’ve met so many wonderful people, improved in so many fields and learned so many things about myself and others.”

Why do you use 500px?
“It’s a great platform that has so many great photographers and different types of photos. There are so many things for everyone.”

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Why did you become a photographer?:
“To photograph changing and evolving cities.”

How has photography changed your life?:
“It has opened up so many opportunities and friendships.”

Why do you use 500px?
“It is the best stock photography website and best photography community.”

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Why did you become a photographer?: “I love the art, the process, the moments captured. Photography has so many aspects of it that I have experienced, like street photography, photojournalism, events, portraits, and they all have so many beautiful moments in them that I always wanted to capture. I am drawn towards portraits specifically because I want to bring out features in people that I see in them.”

How has photography changed your life?: “Photography has changed my life in so many ways. It’s been the ultimate outlet to forget about everything and just create. There are so many moments during photoshoots that I get a rush of creativity that no other art form gives me. It’s truly where my passion lays and that has forever changed me and my life.”

Why do you use 500px?
“It’s an amazing community, and wonderful network. Throughout the years I’ve witnessed so much growth in 500px and I’m so thankful and happy to be a part of it! 500px really understands the balance between community and quality.”

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