Artist Series with Food Photographer Joanie Simon

Photographer Joanie Simon

Looking for pro tips for shooting amazing images of food? Explore new techniques with food photographer Joanie Simon in the latest installment of Shutterstock’s Artist Series.

Shutterstock Presents: Artist Series is a video series highlighting creative artists on Shutterstock’s marketplace. Today we are introducing one of the first artists we featured as part of the series, food photographer and photography educator Joanie Simon.

Not only is Phoenix-based Joanie an accomplished photographer, but she also educates fellow food photographers around the world. Joanie creates energizing educational videos on how to create delectable food images for clients on her YouTube channel. As a Shutterstock Custom contributor, Joanie is a pro at creating social shareable content that inspires brands around the world.

“For me, food is such a fun, celebratory experience and I really want that to come across in my photos.”

Artist Series with Food Photographer Joanie Simon — Joanie Simon
Food Photographer Joanie Simon

Our team traveled to Phoenix, Arizona for a behind-the-scenes look at Joanie’s creative world. From a tour of her home studio, how she sets up the shot, and exploring the cactus-covered hills that surround her community, explore what it takes to be a full-time creative and earn a living off your passion. Here is the video from our time in Phoenix with food photographer Joanie Simon.

“I’m driven to pursue a creative career because I think it’s just innately who I am.”
– Joanie Simon

As a creative and mother, Joanie believes that creativity is best shared. In the creative art world, photographers face a lot of challenges when they go out on their own. Whether it’s running a business or improving your craft, photography has a lot of hurdles that creatives face to make it. Through her YouTube channel, The Bite Shot, Joanie breaks down some of these tips on how food photographers can improve their art and make it as creative professionals.

Artist Series with Food Photographer Joanie Simon — Behind-the-Scenes withJoanie Simon
Behind-the-Scenes with Joanie Simon

When asked to provide a tip for other photographers looking to shoot food photography, Joanie couldn’t settle on just one. The photographer provided two incredible videos on how other food photographers can improve their food photography.

Manipulating Artificial Light to Look Natural in Food Photography

In the following video, Joanie shares tips on how to manipulate artificial light to look natural. In food photography, clients may request images that look like natural light. However, you may not have access to a space to shoot natural light images.

Whether you’re a food photographer or not, this is a great video for photographers looking to create images that look like they were shot with natural light.

How to Make Artificial Light Look Natural

Pro Tip: Consider the proximity of the light to your subject

The closer the light is to your subject, the softer and smaller the shadows will be. If you want long shadows with high contrast and a more artificial looking style, move the light further away.

For all of Joanie’s tips, including shooting video in the water, check out the link here. Or, scroll up to watch the full video.

The Must-Have Kit for Food Photographers

In her next video, Joanie shares the absolute essentials that she has to have for any food photoshoot. Taking us on a tour of her food photography cart, we learn the secrets to what makes condensation stick to bottles, how she places cutlery, and more. To learn her secrets, watch the video below.

A Food Photographers Go-To Styling Cart

We hope you enjoyed learning a bit about Joanie Simon, a food photographer and photography educator in Phoenix, Arizona. Click here to shop the behind-the-scenes footage that went into the making of these videos. And if you’re a contributor with an interesting story, click here to share your story for a chance to be our next Shutterstock Presents: Artist Series contributor.

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