Artist Series with Offset Illustrator Yevgenia Nayberg

Offset Artist Yevgenia Nayberg: Girl dreaming

Explore the intersection of digital art and physical media with Offset illustrator Yevgenia Nayberg in this installment of Shutterstock’s Artist Series.

Shutterstock Presents: Artist Series is a video series highlighting creative artists on Shutterstock’s marketplace. Today we are introducing the next contributor feature, Brooklyn-based illustrator and painter Yevgenia Nayberg.

Originally from Ukraine, Yevgenia creates art influenced by her European childhood in Ukraine, the native languages she speaks, and current and historical political issues. Taking one look at her portfolio on Offset, you’ll be instantly transported into a world of Eastern European folklore, translating stories from around the world through her work on her canvas.

“The earlier you understand that there is so much around you that you don’t know, the better it is for your art and the better it is for your life and overall happiness.” – Yevgenia Nayberg

Artist Series with Offset Illustrator Yevgenia Nayberg — At Work
Offset Illustrator Yevgenia Nayberg

Our team travelled to Yevgenia’s studio in Brooklyn for a behind-the-scenes look into Yevgenia’s work and creative process when creating her art. We were inspired by the multiple mediums that she uses to create her work, taking illustrations and creating unique pieces that are a final blend of work by hand and work by technology. Here is the video from our time with Yevgenia.

Yevgenia’s creative process:

Every story has a beginning, and Yevgenia Nayberg’s art is no exception. First, the artist gets inspiration from societal and cultural cues around her. “The most interesting thing to see about New York is probably the people on the subway,” says Yevgenia.

A subway ride is one of her favorite ways to find inspiration, and inspiration may come from something as simple as spotting someone that she thinks would be a great character in her art.

Artist Series with Offset Illustrator Yevgenia Nayberg — Yevgenia Nayberg
Yevgenia at work

When she returns to her studio, she conceptualizes her vision through drawing. One look at her notebook is an exceptional view into the start of her creative process as an illustrator. From there, Yevgenia paints her illustrations. She adds color and creates the mood of what she hopes to translate into her final piece of art.

Once she’s finalized that step, she scans the painting and adds in digital components on her computer. We saw Yevgenia add text, photos, and design elements to a piece currently available on Offset, a rare peek into the mind of Yevgenia Nayberg as an artist.

Artist Series with Offset Illustrator Yevgenia Nayberg — Girl in Bathtub
Art by Yevgenia Nayberg
What’s next for the artist:

Yevgenia is currently working on her latest book, featuring her own art and words. “I had a hard time finding an author who would write about things that I loved. It was actually my agent who pushed me to write my own book,” says Nayberg. “It’s really great to illustrate your own text, and I think I’m finally finding my own voice.”

Artist Series with Offset Illustrator Yevgenia Nayberg — Yevgenia Nayberg Exploring

In just a few weeks, stay tuned as we release a special tip video from Yevgenia on how she manipulates watercolor and pencil to create the art seen here on her Offset portfolio.

Artist Series with Offset Illustrator Yevgenia Nayberg — Man with Credit Cards
Art by Yevgenia Nayberg

We hope you enjoyed learning a bit about Yevgenia Nayberg, an extremely talented illustrator and painter who contributes a selection of her work to Offset. Click here to shop Yevgenias’ collection of art on Shutterstock. And, if you’re a contributor with an interesting story, click here to share your story for a chance to be our next Shutterstock Presents: Artist Series contributor.

Featured Image by Yevgenia Nayberg

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