Artist Series with Surf Photographer Marcus Paladino

Offset Artist Marcus Paladino

Explore the first installment of Shutterstock’s Artist Series, and learn what inspires surf photographer and Offset contributor Marcus Paladino to shoot incredible ocean scenes.

This past week, we launched the Shutterstock Presents: Artist Series, a video series highlighting creative artists on Shutterstock’s marketplace. One of the first contributors we featured as part of the Artist Series is surf photographer Marcus Paladino. A photographer in Tofino, British Columbia, cold-water seeker Marcus is a pro at capturing images of surf, waves, and landscapes through his lens. On Offset, expect to see his collection of images highlighting the diverse beauty of the Tofino area, from both on land and in water.

“I shoot whatever inspires me, and I shoot what I see. For me I surf every single day, so I’m inspired to shoot surfing every single day.”

Artist Series with Surf Photographer Marcus Paladino — Marcus Paladino
Surf Photographer Marcus Paladino

Our team travelled to Tofino, British Columbia to catch up with Marcus at home, get in the water with him to learn a bit about surf photography from a pro surf photographer, and learn how he uses Offset to earn extra side income. Here is the video from our time in Tofino with Marcus Paladino.

On being a surf photographer in Tofino:

“There’s so much along this coastline that hasn’t been discovered, and there’s so much that has been overlooked,” says Marcus. “I’d really like to be the person that brings those waves and brings that beauty out of its shell.”

Artist Series with Surf Photographer Marcus Paladino — Surfer in Water
Image by Marcus Paladino

Whether he’s shooting from in the water or on land, Marcus has close relationships with the surfers he photographs. This allows him a completely unique opportunity to take some really powerful images. As a surf photographer, he’s traveled around the world, from Japan to Portugal, Haida Gwaii to Nova Scotia. His camera allows him to tell those stories through his images.

When asked to provide a tip for other photographers looking to shoot surfing, Marcus said that a huge issue a lot of photographers will face in the water is your camera fogging up. When your water housing fogs, you risk completely damaging your images. As a surf photographer, you sometimes only have one shot to capture an impactful image, so this can be a make or break situation.

Here’s a video of Marcus’ top tips as a surf photographer on preventing fog in a water housing:

Pro Tips on Keeping a Water Housing from Fogging:
Tip #1: Assemble water housing in a neutral temperature environment

The room shouldn’t be too hot or too cold. When you go from one extreme to another, it causes a temperature swing in your housing which, in turn, fogs your water housing.

Tip #2: Once it’s together, do not leave the water housing in the sun

This is also true for leaving it in a hot car. Doing this will cause the inside of the housing to sweat. It won’t be able to breathe due to being closed. So if you have to leave it in the car for a while, open it up and let your housing breathe.

Tip #3: Put a silica gel pack in the water housing

A silica gel pack will absorb heat and moisture. Fit it in the bottom or side of your housing once the camera is in it.

For the full 6 tips, including shooting video in the water, check out the link here or scroll up to watch the full video.

Image by Marcus Paladino

We hope you enjoyed learning a bit about Marcus Paladino, a surf photographer and Offset contributor based in Tofino, British Columbia. Click here to shop Marcus’ collection of images on Offset. And if you’re a contributor with an interesting story, click here to share your story for a chance to be our next Shutterstock Presents: Artist Series contributor.

Featured Image by Marcus Paladino.

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