[Case Study] Create Effective Video Ads with Shutterstock Videos in SteelHouse

Video advertising can be a powerful way to increase ad performance. Find out how SteelHouse uses the Shutterstock API to make video ad creation easy for brands.
Company Overview

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SteelHouse provides a complete advertising suite that gives brands total control over their ads from creation and distribution to optimization.

To help brands go to market faster, SteelHouse technology automatically resizes ads to fit dozens of placements in order to maximize their reach. After an ad is served, SteelHouse then gathers and analyzes performance data around the clock to make each ad dollar go the extra mile.

In 2018, SteelHouse integrated the Shutterstock API to break down the content barrier that prevents brands from creating high-performing ads at scale. This year, we’re excited to expand our partnership to include video content.

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Problem: Videos Are Hard to Create


Video advertising is a unique opportunity and challenge. On one hand, research has shown that video works.

51% of marketers name video as the type of content with the best ROI
54% of consumers prefer video content from brands
Video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year

On the other hand, high-quality videos can be expensive and time-consuming to create. Brands could buy costly equipment and hire video experts in-house or outsource production to an agency.

The level of investment needed for traditional video creation prevents many brands from leveraging video in their advertising campaigns.

Solution: In-platform Access to Ready-to-Use Clips

Image by G-Stock Studio

As a company focused on helping brands of all sizes get the most out of their ad budget, SteelHouse looked for ways to break down the high barrier of entry to video marketing.

Expanding their existing Shutterstock partnership from image to both image and video access was a natural next step. Through their API integration, SteelHouse offered 300 million images and video clips that can be used immediately to create ads campaigns in the SteelHouse Ad Builder.

With a large library of high-quality images and video clips at their fingertips, SteelHouse users can tell their brand’s story exactly the way they want.

Additionally, direct access to the Shutterstock library in their ad creation software means SteelHouse users can both save money and accelerate time to market.

Result: Higher Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Image by GaudiLab

By delivering video assets through the Shutterstock API, SteelHouse is able to help brands of all sizes tap into the power of video advertising.

In a recent A/B test, SteelHouse compared the performance of a video ad against a static image ad for a fashion retailer.

The video ad generated 25.7X Verified Visits ROAS, compared to 18.9X for the static image ads — a 36% increase.

According to Ria Taylor of The Travel Corporation, ‘We recently started utilizing Steelhouse’s video capabilities for our dynamic display banners and we’re seeing great results. With video becoming so integral to our marketing strategy and within the travel industry as a whole, it’s great knowing that we can use our creative in several different channels including display. Now, we are looking to test video banners for our other travel brands to add more variety to our media mix.’

Moreover, video can also provide ammunition for retargeting campaigns to stay top of mind and cut through the noise.

‘Incorporating video into our creative has given us the confidence to scale our remarketing efforts while maintaining high visit rates,’ reports Noah Hoag, Internet Advertising Manager at Displays2Go. ‘The brief animation gives us an opportunity to amplify our voice on busy page space, and enhance our communication with our audience.’


SteelHouse integrated the Shutterstock API to empower advertisers with the creative content they need to get better results faster.

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