Digital Model and Property Releases for Shutterstock Contributors

Digital model and property releases are now available at Shutterstock. Say goodbye to your printers, contributors can now complete a model, minor, and property release entirely online. Here’s how.

Contributors and models at Shutterstock can now submit digitally signed model, minor, and property releases entirely online. It’s never been easier to contribute your work to Shutterstock, it’s time to get started sharing your art with the world. 

What are the benefits of digital model releases at Shutterstock?

The short answer is, there are endless benefits. You will no longer need to chase down your models, find a printer, and manually fill out the forms. All you need is a model’s email address and access to our platform to send the digital model release. It really is that simple.

Digital model releases are here. Image by

What are the different types of releases I can send digitally?

In an exciting new update, you can now submit minor releases, model releases, and property releases all digitally. This means that essentially any content you upload to Shutterstock can be approved using our digital model release function.

Where can I find digital model, minor, and property releases?

Your digital model, minor, and property releases can all be found within your Shutterstock profile. This blog post goes into detail on how you can send and submit model releases entirely online with an easy step-by-step tutorial.

Property releases can now be signed digitally. Image by Papin Lab.

How can I maximize the digital model release function as a photographer, videographer, or illustrator on Shutterstock? 

Here’s where the fun stuff comes in. With this new feature, you now have the ability to comb through your work and see if you have any images that you previously haven’t had access to releases for in the past and submit them to Shutterstock. Model and property released content are some of the best performing content on Shutterstock, so this is the best way to earn money through your work on the platform.

Digital property releases mean you can sign property releases anywhere you are in the world. Image by ppa.

Maximizing Your Earnings Using the Digital Model and Property Release Function

Tip #1: Review hard drives for images featuring people and places

Now’s the time to dust off your old travel photos, your previously shot work with family and friends, and find images that feature people that you can request releases with. All you need is the model’s email address, and then you can submit those images once they sign a release. This is a great opportunity to go through previously shot work and upload it to stock, earning money from your work. 

Time to dust off those hard drives and find beautiful images of models. Image by iordani.

For ideas on what types of images we’re currently looking for, check out this list of the most popular stock images that sell on Shutterstock. 

Tip #2: Plan some new photoshoot opportunities

If you’re a photographer who previously hasn’t shot model-released images, but is interested in getting started, now is a perfect time. It’s never been an easier process to get releases signed than with this digital feature. Now is the perfect time to start planning a new photoshoot. For ideas on what to shoot, check out the Shot List that has our up-to-date, data-driven monthly shoot ideas on what customers are specifically looking for on our marketplace. 

Now is the time to get creative with your models. Image by Jacob Lund.

Tip #3: Shoot photos around your home

Authentic images of well-curated home spaces sell on Shutterstock. Take advantage of your beautiful home, and plan a stock photo shoot in it. Remember to remove any logos or artwork that you can’t get permission to shoot, but other than that, go nuts. All you need to do is submit a property release for your home in order to get it accepted to stock. 

Take the opportunity to take candid images of family. Image by Halfpoint.

For ideas on how to maximize your opportunity shooting at home, check out this article for some tips and tricks on why your home is the perfect place to shoot. 

Tip #4: Artists, now is the time to upload your artwork

Now that you can sign property releases digitally, it’s easier than ever to upload your artwork to Shutterstock. All you need is to sign the release digitally, and then upload your artwork. If the process of printing a release, scanning, and uploading seemed daunting before, now is the perfect time to explore uploading your artwork to stock. 

Upload images of your art with digital property releases. Image by Sweet Art.

Are you new to Shutterstock and interested in submitting your photos, videos, or illustrations? It’s never been easier to be a contributor and earn money from your work using the digital model and property release function. Simply put, model and property released images sell on Shutterstock. Take a look at your portfolio and see what content you can upload using the digital model and property release function. It’s never been a better time to be a contributor on Shutterstock, we can’t wait to see what you create and share next. If you’re ready to sign up, start sharing your work on Shutterstock.

Cover image by Bogdan Sonjachnyj.

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