Discover: Ben Robson’s love affair with film photography

Our &lsquoDiscover&rsquo series highlights distinct up-and-coming photographers on 500px, discussing their encounters from behind the lens. Within this instalment, we&rsquore featuring Ben Robson, a professional photographer from Victoria, Australia, who revels within the flaws of film.

If photography is really a language then, for me personally, film photography is poetry. Film requires a different pace because of its nature you consider the world from the different perspective&mdashespecially if you work with TLRs, that the thing is the planet searching lower right into a mirror. It&rsquos and in film&rsquos fallibility, the imperfections from the process and also the finish result, which i think reflects something altogether a lot more human, like soul.

Hannibal by Ben Robson on

I&rsquoll be truthful, I don&rsquot believe that I could have been as thinking about film photography whether it wasn&rsquot in my first DSLR. I recall, like a kid, shooting a roll of film (yes, I&rsquom the old), delivering it away whenever you can afford it, or when Mother and Father stumped in the cash, and days later, your photographs showed up. And That I recall the disappointment: first with how bad the pictures almost always were, however with the way i couldn&rsquot remember what it really was I had been attempting to achieve to begin with. With digital, that learning curve is immediate. You can observe in which you&rsquove gone wrong, tinker, and discover along the way, and that i&rsquove converted lots of individuals concepts into my film work.

Beehive Market by Ben Robson on

My first (proper) film camera would be a little Yashica Pad TLR that somebody had refurbished having a red leather finish. I simply needed it! I believe I overpaid for this, however it does look awesome. I&rsquove since had the ability to get a couple of other film cameras and, if little else, love them purely for his or her aesthetic beauty as well as an appreciation for that hands-built engineering of, say, my Leica M5.

Certainly one of my personal favorite finds would be a Rolleiflex TLR, filled with leather briefcase and filters, in addition to notes from the previous owner. I really like a brief history in it all, and wondering what sort of existence they’d before me. I especially love that they’ll not be replaced by ever-more megapixels.

Great Grandma (redux) by Ben Robson on

Certainly one of my personal favorite images is really a portrait of my spouse&rsquos granny, filled with scratches and bubbles in the developing process. Ironically, many people thought I&rsquod Photoshopped individuals elements in and would ask the way i made it happen. The solution was which i&rsquod all messed up! And also the reason I hadn&rsquot cleaned up in Illustrator ended up being to say, sure, I lost a fight by having an inanimate reel. Sure, I would like to possess a pristine negative of the image Personally i think fortunate to possess taken. However this is my form of truth&mdashcreating something which is physical, problematic, but in some way beautiful since it is imperfect.

Shearing Time by Ben Robson on

I develop my very own black and white-colored film, too, which lends a natural feel towards the process. I really like a feeling of feat, however i still feel trepidation, especially when you initially open the developing tank to check out images in your film. Fortunately, to date, I&rsquove only lost one roll of film because my Fixer was dead, however it was from the pretty special day therefore it&rsquos still sad to consider that certain!

Spiky // Girl // Light Leak by Ben Robson on

I’ve got a literature background labored for several years like a journalist, and so i think I&rsquove been thinking about people, and that’s why I love portraiture. However, I don&rsquot like the thought to be pinned lower to one sort of photography&mdashthe downside because my feed is a little a cornucopia of images. It&rsquos still beginning within my journey with film, however i figure I&rsquoll keep on doing my very own factor, learning on the way, and wishing to obtain better when i go.

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