Download These FREE Dad Joke Father’s Day Cards

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Show your appreciation for Dad by sending him these cute Father’s Day cards. Funny dad-joke greetings included. Download for FREE today.

Whether it’s your dad, grandpa, uncle, or friend, any father figure in your life deserves a celebration on Father’s Day. The day is an opportunity to let him know how much you love and appreciate him. This pack will help you express how much he means to you in a unique and funny way.

These FREE downloadable templates are a breeze to use. You can choose to publish the card to your social media account with the ready-to-publish digital templates. We conveniently pre-sized the files for popular social sites so you can upload directly without a hassle.

You can also print a card and compose a personalized message with the print-ready templates. The templates are pre-sized to directly print at home. All of the designs are easily customizable in any editing software or online editing tools like Shutterstock Editor.

What’s Included in This FREE Father’s Day Card Pack

Four Designs

The pack comes in four cutely illustrated designs, with a signature dad-joke greeting on each card that will make your dad smile.

Fungi PreviewThe perfect card for your fun dad.

Cheese PreviewYour dad will surely appreciate the cheese factor in this card.

Egg Preview For the guy who brightens up your day with his silly jokes.

Pizza Preview A card for the pizza lover who has a piece of your heart.


This card pack contains two folders—digital and print. In the digital folder, you’ll find various files ready to be uploaded directly to several social media platforms:

Facebook PostInstagram PostInstagram StoryTwitter Post

Inside the digital folder, we included the clip art for each illustration, as well. These clip arts come with and without text, and each of them is on a transparent background so you can easily customize your own card.

Digital FolderInside the digital folder.

In the print folder, you’ll find .pdf files ready to print using your home printer. Each card is in the standard card size of 4 x 6 inches. These print-ready cards come in a variety of options for you to choose:

Single or folded cardWith text or without textVertical or horizontal orientation

Mockup CardThe print folder contains several print-ready card designs for you to choose from. Mockup via Plateresca.

How to Download the Father’s Day Card Pack

To download this FREE Father’s Day Card Pack, simply click on the button below. Once the download has finished, unzip the files to access all the folders. You’ll see the digital folder containing the assets for social media platforms and the clip art you can use to customize your own card. You’ll also find the print folder that contains the print-ready card designs.


By downloading this FREE pack, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

How to Print Your Cards

Before printing, make sure your printer is in good condition and ready to print. Check whether it has enough ink and make sure you’ve loaded high-quality paper. Try a test print, if needed.

To print the cards, begin by choosing whether you want to print a folded card or a single card. Choose the file from the print folder in the downloaded pack. Open the .pdf file and scroll down to choose which card you want to print. Then, click Command + P or Control + P, enter the page number of your chosen card design, then print. Once the card prints, you can write a personalized message inside the card.

Print the CardPrint the card design by opening up the .pdf file and inputting the page number of your chosen card design.

Upload to Social Media Platforms

The pack contains a digital folder that houses all of the social media-ready templates. We’ve already sized each card in the suitable size to post on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram—in your feed or in a story. Simply upload your favorite template to any of those platforms and publish it!

Upload to Social MediaThe digital file is ready to be uploaded to your selected social media platform. Mockup via La vector.

You can also customize your own digital card with the clip art included in the pack. Use any easily accessible design software you have. As another option, you can also make your own customized card for FREE, directly from your desktop browser, using Shutterstock Editor. Scroll down to learn how.

Customize Your Own Father’s Day Card with Shutterstock Editor

With Shutterstock Editor, you don’t need to install any software to your computer. This tool is easy to use. Simply head over to the website and start customizing your own Father’s Day card.

Get Started

The first step is to choose a size for your design. Scroll down to choose from the available sizes, or simply type in the size that you need in the search box.

Choose a SizeIn Shutterstock Editor, simply search for the size you need and the tool will automatically create a suitable size for you.

Upload the clip art you want to use by clicking My Files > Upload. Choose the .png file inside the clip art folder to upload.

Upload Your Clip ArtUpload your clip art.

Adjust & Design

Place the clip art in the position that you want. Adjust the size and rotate, if needed.

Adjust Your Clip ArtPlace and adjust the position of the clip art in the canvas.

Choose the background color by clicking on Background on top of the canvas. You can choose from the standard color options, your recent colors, or add custom colors. To choose a custom color, drag the color slider, write the Hex Color number, or use the color picker tool.

Choose Background ColorChoose the background color for your design.

Write Down Your Greeting

Add text by clicking on the Text tool. If you want to choose the text layout and style from the existing templates, simply scroll down and choose the template you want, then write your message. And, if you want to choose your own font and layout, click on Add Headline. Customize the font, size, or alignment with the text toolbar that appears on top of the canvas every time you click on the text.

Customize TextCustomize your text.

Tip: Add a shadow behind your text to make the it pop. Click on the Shadow button on the text toolbar to customize the shadow color, position, and transparency.

Add Shadow to TextMake it pop by adding shadow to your text.

After you finish customizing, download your card by clicking the red download button. Voilà! Your card is ready to be published and sent to your fun-gi-dad!

Download and PostNow, send it to dad!

Trust us, your dad is going to love it!

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