Download this FREE Muted Organic Rainbows Clip Art Bundle

Download this FREE Muted Organic Rainbows Clip Art Bundle

Rainbows and squiggles and dots, oh my! Download this FREE rainbow clip art bundle today, plus pick up a few tricks for designing with them.

Springtime means April showers, May flowers, and (of course) rainbows. We’re giving away a freebie that’s positively packed with hand-drawn rainbow shapes, playful flourishes, and a variety of abstract organic design elements. Now you can create an on-trend design by combining this bundle with a sweet color scheme and a fun, funky typeface of your choice. Scroll down to find out how!

How to Download Your FREE Organic Rainbow Clip Art Bundle

Organic Rainbows Clip Art

Just click the button below and the download will automatically begin. Once the download is finished, double-click the ZIP file to unpackage its contents.

Inside the ZIP file, you’ll find three clip art folders. Each folder contains the individual clip art files in .png format.


By downloading this FREE pack, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

What’s Inside this FREE Organic Rainbow Clip Art Bundle

This pack contains three folders organized by shape (rainbow, squiggle, and dot) and has fifty-four individual clip art files, all seen in action above. Each .png file has a transparent background. 

How to Design with Clip Art in Adobe Photoshop

Follow these four easy steps to create enviable designs with your new clip art bundle:

Step 1: Create a New Document

Open Adobe Photoshop and create a new document. In this example, we’re going to make one 1080 x 1080 pixel artboard—perfect for Instagram or Facebook. 

Customize Settings in PhotoshopCustomize your settings in Photoshop.

Click on the Background Contents drop-down menu and select Custom to add in a background color so you can easily see the lightly-colored clip arts. For this example, I’m using a nice beige (#e4ded8).

Background Color Add background color.

Step 2 : Add in Your Clip Art

This part is easy! Just drag and drop the clip art of your choosing onto your Adobe Photoshop artboard. Place as many as you like, you can always add or delete as needed.

Photoshop Artboard Drag and drop your clip art onto the Photoshop artboard.

Step 3: Mix It up with the Free Transform and Type Tools

To rotate and resize the clip art, use the Free Transform tool by clicking Ctrl+T (or Command+T for Mac), then adjust the image by moving the anchor points in each corner. 

Free Transform ToolRotate and resize your clip art with the Free Transform tool.

To add words to your design, use the Type Tool (or press T) and click where you’d like your text to go. Choose your font (character), font size, and color in the Properties panel on the right. I’m using the Adobe font Blenny in this example.

Type ToolAdd text to your design with the Type Tool.

Step 4: Save and Export Your Masterpiece

It’s wise to get into the habit of saving your work regularly (before it’s finished). Go to File > Save As (Ctrl+Shift+S / Cmd+Shift+S) and choose a logical place to save your .psd file. 

Save Your Files Get into the habit of saving your work regularly.

You cannot upload .psd files to any social media platform, and only Adobe Photoshop can open them. So, the easiest way to get a web-friendly file is to go to File > Export > Quick Export PNG or go to File > Export > Export As… to make a .jpg file.

Create JPG File Create a .JPG file.

Organic RainbowsYour finished product!

Now, marvel at your handiwork and make more social media posts!

How to Design with Clip Art in Shutterstock Editor

Quickly create a custom design without purchasing an editing app. Shutterstock Editor works in-browser for an easy imaging experience.

Step 1: Create a New Document

Start by choosing a size for your design. In Shutterstock Editor, there are a variety of preset size options that take the guesswork out of your design needs. Search by need (for example, Facebook Image or Instagram Post), or make a custom size here. But, know that you can change the size of your design anytime by clicking Canvas Size at the top of your Canvas after you’ve started working.

Canvas Size Choose your canvas size.

Step 2: Add Your Clip Art

To use your new clip art, click My files > Uploads > Upload Image. Select the files you want to use and watch them automatically appear on your canvas.

Upload Image Upload your images.

Step 3: Flip It or Reverse It

Now that your art is uploaded and on your canvas, you can adjust as you see fit. Click on the corner anchors to resize or drag the small arrow icon at the bottom-center of the image to rotate. You can also re-order overlapping art by right-clicking on the image and choosing Move to Back.

Adjust Image Position Adjust the position of your image by flipping it or reversing it.

If you’d like to add text to your design, click the Type Tool (A) and choose from a variety of type treatment templates, or click Add Headline in the pop-up menu. Change your font, size, alignment, and color in the toolbar above your canvas. I’m using the font Oswald in this example. 

Add Text Use the Type Tool to add text to your image.

Step 4: Download Your Work of Art

When you’re ready to share your creation with the world, hit the red Download button, choose the file type (.jpg is recommended for social media), and download.

Download Design Download your design.

Final Design Exported and ready to upload to your social media profiles!

Voilà! That’s how you design using your new FREE clip art bundle in Shutterstock Editor. Now, start fresh and make a new, masterful social media post, you creative genius.

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