Download This FREE Social Media Bundle for Passover

Download This FREE Social Media Bundle for Passover

Use this FREE eCard bundle to share Passover greetings with friends and family, and to teach children about the symbolic foods that appear on the Seder plate. 

special-seder-meal-to-mark-passover-pesach-you-can-use-this-free-ecard-bundle-to-share-passover-greetings-with-friends-and-family-as-well-as-involve-children-in-the-event-teaching-them-about-the-symbolic-foods-that-appear-on-the-seder-plate">On the evening of March 27th, Jewish families across the world will share a special Seder meal to mark Passover (Pesach). Over the course of the fifteen-step Seder meal, individuals eat symbolic foods, each of which recall an aspect of the Exodus story, in which Moses, under God’s direction, guided the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt. Although the story of the Israelites is in many respects sad and somber, it’s also a time to celebrate, reflecting on the story’s themes of both struggle and freedom. 

Seder Plate

What’s on the Seder Plate?

The Seder plate (k’arah) is a focal part of the traditional meal shared by Jewish families on the first evening of Passover. The centerpiece of the Seder table, the plate traditionally holds five or six symbolic foods, each of which is a sensory reminder of a part of the Exodus story. 

Some of the foods are often eaten often alongside other traditional items, such as Matzot bread, while others, such as Beitzah and Zeroa, are included only for symbolic purposes.

Seder Plate GIF

Traditionally, the Seder plate includes:

Maror (bitter herbs): Usually horseradish, these symbolize the bitterness of the Hebrews’ lives as slaves in Egypt.Chazeret (lettuce): Additional bitter herbs, usually romaine lettuce.Charoset: A sweet mixture of chopped nuts, apples, and cinnamon, representing the mortar the Hebrews were forced to make during their enslavement.Karpas (parsley): This represents renewal, hope, and springtime. It’s dipped in salt water, which is symbolic of the tears of the slaves. Zeroa (shank bone): Also translated as Zeroah or Z’roa, the roasted shank of a lamb or chicken is used to represent the sacrificial lamb of Passover.Beitzah (roasted egg): Representative of the sacrifice of the lamb at the Temple in Jerusalem, the egg is also symbolic of mourning. 

In recent years, additional foods have been added to the plate to mark an affinity with marginalized Jewish groups. An orange is a particularly popular recent addition, symbolic of LGBTQ+ equality. A banana can be included to recognize the plight of refugees, or fair-trade chocolate or cocoa beans to remind participants that forced labor is still an issue in many parts of the world today. 

What’s Included in Your FREE Social Media Pack

Even if you celebrate Passover away from family members this year, these digital images can help you keep in touch in the run-up to the event.

Completely FREE to download, your bundle includes an animated GIF for sharing on social media or WhatsApp, as well as a selection of eCard images that can be shared over Instagram, Pinterest, or email.

The eCards have been sized with 1:1 dimensions for Instagram posts, along with 2:3 versions for Instagram Stories and Pinterest posts. The eCards are also provided as editable EPS files, as well as high-resolution JPEG images. To edit color, graphics, or type on your card, you’ll need to have access to vector software, such as Adobe Illustrator. You can share the JPEG versions straightaway.

Seder Plates

Keep scrolling to preview and download the bundle. plus, you’ll find instructions on how to open and edit your EPS templates using Adobe Illustrator.  

FREE eCard Pack Preview

Below, preview the designs available in your FREE social media bundle. These social images and eCards have been designed exclusively for Shutterstock by our friends at Blue Whippet Studio, and feature a fun, animated version for sharing on your social media account.

Seder Plate Mock-up

Seder Plate Mock-up

Seder Plate Mock-up

Seder Plate Mock-up

Seder Plate Mock-up

How to Download Your FREE Easter eCard Pack

Simply click the button below to download your FREEBIE pack. Inside the ZIP file, you’ll find four folders: Instagram posts, Pinterest and Instagram Stories, Animated GIFs, and editable EPS versions of all eCard designs.

Read on to see our simple-to-follow instructions for editing your EPS cards below the download button.

This FREE download also includes a license document that covers the ways you can use these card designs. Plus, you’ll find a coupon that gives you a 15% discount on Shutterstock images and footage


By downloading this FREE template pack, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

How to Edit Your EPS eCards Using Adobe Illustrator

Step 1

Inside the EPS folder in the ZIP folder you downloaded, choose one of the EPS files you’d like to edit.

Open the EPS file in Adobe Illustrator. Right-Click > Ungroup the elements on the page to be able to select individual parts of the illustration.

Seder Plate eCardUngroup the elements on the page.

Step 2

You can adjust color on the EPS file from the Swatches panel (Window > Swatches).

Seder Plate eCardAdjust color.

When you’ve finished editing your design, you can export your card as a JPEG or PNG image. Go to File > Export.

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