February Fresh: New Content We Love

Here are the top inspirational images in Shutterstock’s collection. Explore new content and beautiful photographs in our February roundup.

Our team searches through newly uploaded stock content daily. This roundup showcases new content that we love, uploaded the previous month.

We couldn’t be more excited to share this month’s February Fresh, featuring the new work of contributors from Shutterstock and Offset. Our network is powered by thousands of creative artists from every corner of the globe, and seeing the creativity of this new work is truly inspiring. This month, we’re excited to introduce vectors and illustrations to the mix!

For February, we’re sharing the top five images and footage clips that we loved from the content you uploaded to Shutterstock and Offset. We’re also linking to a full collection of the top uploaded content from these networks to inspire your next creative shoot.

February Fresh: Shutterstock Image CollectionFebruary Fresh: Offset CollectionFebruary Fresh: Shutterstock Video Collection

Here’s this month’s Fresh, featuring new content that we love, uploaded from contributors from around the world.

5 Top February Images from Shutterstock

“Today’s social interactions” by Stock-Studio“The human heart in love” by KatyaB“Movie theatre date-night” by Vectorfair.com“Peel that orange” by Photo_ANIKA“Woman in the light” by Ekateryna Zubal

February Fresh Shutterstock Images

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5 Top February Footage Clips from Shutterstock

“Shopping in today’s world” by Bo1982“Chemical reaction” by 27_pixel“Walking in the city” by 1st footage“Surfing at sunset” by Eduard Muzhevskyi“Natural isolation in nature” by zazulko

February Fresh Shutterstock Footage

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5 Top February Images from Offset

“Landscape of textures” by Cesar Llaneza / Addictive Creative“Neon hair” by FL / Westend61“Woman in the city of lights” by Jasper James“Travel to the desert with us” by Carlos Pintau / Addictive Creative“In a field of flowers” by Oscar De Dios / Addictive Creative

February Fresh Offset

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Cover image by Oscar De Dios / Addictive Creative.

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