Free 2021 Calendar Templates with Colorful Abstract Designs

Get ready to start a fresh new year by downloading these FREE customizable 2021 Calendar Templates with colorful abstract designs. Download today.

With various calendar apps in our phones and computers, sometimes we feel like we don’t need a printed calendar anymore. But, sometimes it’s still more convenient to look at the month directly without having to click on any apps.

What’s Included in this Free 2021 Calendar

This FREE calendar is decorated with lively, invigorating, and colorful abstract patterns so that the calendar is fun to look at. Each month has different colors and different strokes of abstract patterns.

2021 Calendar

It comes in two versions: calendar and monthly planner.

Monthly Calendar and PlannerWhether you need a monthly calendar or a planner, this free download has you covered.

The calendar version has a simple and minimalist date layout. It comes with three file versions: print, phone wallpaper, and blank.

Calendar MockupsPhone image mockup via ChalidMGM.

Print: Thirteen .jpg files and one combined .pdf file, ready to be printed up to A3 size paper.You can print them out and hang as wall art. Circle important dates with colorful pens, or highlight the dates when you’re looking forward to an exciting event.

Phone wallpaper: Twelve .jpg files for your phone wallpaper.Simply set it as the wallpaper or lock screen of your phone so that you can always see the monthly calendar, without having to click on the calendar app.

Blank: Twelve .png files of the calendar only, with transparent background, for you to customized your own calendar.

On the other hand, the monthly planner has some square borders for each date for you to write down the events or appointments of each day of the month. It comes with two file versions: print and blank.

Two Versions: Print and BlankUse the print version as-is, or create your own custom design with the blank version.

Print: Twelve .jpg files and one combined .pdf file, ready to print up to A4 size paper.Print in the size that fits your notebook, binder, or organizer. Or, print it bigger and stick it near your working table so that it’s easier for you to see and scribble on.Blank: Twelve .png files of the monthly planner only, with transparent background, that you could customize to make your own calendar.Keep it simple and print it blank, or get creative and decorate it with any designs that you like!

Download the Free 2021 Calendar Templates

Downloading these free 2021 Calendar templates couldn’t be easier! Just click on the button below to start your download. Then, double-click the ZIP file to unpackage its contents and access the calendar files you’re looking for.


By downloading this free 2021 Calendar Templates pack, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

How to Print the Calendar

After downloading the file, open the folder of the type of calendar you want to print. Open the .pdf file with any program that can open a .pdf type file, like Adobe Acrobat.

How to Print Calendar

This calendar can be printed up to an A3 sized paper. It can also be scaled down so that it can print on your home printer. To do this, when the printing setup window appears, click page setup.

Page Setup

Choose your paper size, then click OK.

Select Size

Make sure you choose Fit under Pages Sizing & Handling so that the design sizes down to fit the paper perfectly.

Page Sizing and HandlingBe sure to fit the design to the size of the paper before you print.

You can also just print out the months that you need, instead of the whole document. Simply choose Pages under Pages to Print and write down the page you want to print. The preview of the page will appear on the right side of the printing setup windows.

Print CalendarSave paper by printing out only what you need.

Click Print and you’re done!

Ideas to Use the Blank Calendar

The blank version of the calendar gives you more freedom to customize your own calendar. Below are some ideas to use the blank calendar:

Print them blank and let your little ones draw on them as a fun craft project.Decorate the calendar with pictures of your family or loved ones.For businesses, you can create your brand’s calendar for your customer as a part of your year-end sale freebie using this template. Make your own calendar design with the pictures related to your business.Decorate the calendar with stock images. You can choose from millions of images from Shutterstock, or use the freebies we are giving away in this blog. Check out some timeless design freebies that are easy to use for decorating your calendar, such as our Free Geometric Patterns or Free Artdeco Pack.

How to Make Your Own 2021 Calendar with Shutterstock Editor

Making your own calendar with this template is easy. You don’t even need to have design software on your computer, you can simply use Shutterstock Editor.

First, open Shutterstock Editor from your web browser. Choose the size of the calendar you want.

Make Calendar in Shutterstock EditorStart with a blank document in the size you want.

You can search for stock images with the Images (S) tool. Just write down the keyword and the stock images will appear below the search box.

Images ToolSearch the Shutterstock collection without having to leave Editor.

If you want to use your own images or files that you’ve already downloaded, under the My Content (M) Tool, upload the image you want to use. In this tutorial, we’ll use one of the backgrounds from the FREE Marble Texture Backgrounds by Alex Clem to decorate the calendar.

Upload an ImageIf you have an image already in mind, upload it to Editor to get started with your design.

Once the file is uploaded, it’ll automatically appear on the canvas. Rotate, resize, and position it in the way that suits you.

Upload CalendarAdjust your base image to fit the canvas.

Using the Upload button under My Content (M) tool again, upload the blank calendar for the month you need. Place it on your desired layout, resize or rotate if needed.

Position ImagePlace the blank calendar download where you want it in your custom design.

To make the calendar easier to read, put a square behind it using the Shapes from the Elements (H) Tool. There are a variety of shapes to choose from.

Choose ShapesAdd a shape from the Elements tool to make the calendar easier to read.

Now the square is blocking the calendar. To place the square under the calendar, click Send Backward (ctrl + [) under the Layer options on the right side of the editor.

Position ShapePlace the shape behind your blank calendar.

To change the color of the square, click on the circle under Fill Color. You can choose from the Preset Colors or choose your own color using the color slider and color picker from Custom Colors.

Choose ColorsChange the color of the shape to match your design.

Play around with Opacity, Drop Shadow, and Border Color, if needed.

Choose OpacityIf you reduce the opacity of the square, the image behind it will be more see-through and the whole design will look softer.

When you’re done with the design, simply click on the red download button on the top-right corner. And there you have it, your own customized calendar!

Finished CalendarMarble background via Alex Clem.

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