Free Lightroom Presets for Epic Adventure Photography

Free Lightroom Landscape Presets for Adventure Photos

These five FREE Wild Life Lightroom Presets are specifically tuned to help your outdoor shots reach their snow-capped peaks.

If you use Adobe Lightroom CC and want the fastest, easiest route to make your adventure photos “pop,” you’re about to download five of the best presets you can find. These presets will turn your Instagram feed into an awesome outdoors adventure.

Wild Life is a rising Creative Trend for 2020 all about outdoor photography and videography. Images and footage of people getting out of their comfort zone to explore the wild is dominating everything from social media to brand commercial spots. Even for industries that are as distant from the outdoors as can be—tech, finance, health care— these visuals provide a lasting way to stir emotions and connect with users on a visceral level.

man on cliffImage via everst

A staple of the Wild Life trend is the moody lighting, which can range from washed-out vintage to dark and romantic. There’s also an emphasis on greens and blues—the colors of nature.

To get the Wild Life look on your own photos, just download this free pack of Lightroom Landscape Presets. Whether you use them to give your outdoor photos a facelift, or you apply them to another type of shot, they’re a super easy way to give your photos that super-shareable style.

Download Five FREE Lightroom Presets

Let’s look at how you can add Wild Life to your adventure photos on Instagram with these five FREE Lightroom Presets.


After you download your Free Wild Life Presets, follow this simple guide to install them. Then, read below for details on how to use each one, with tips in each section for ways to fine-tune some of the individual settings in Lightroom CC.

Vintage Film

Free Lightroom Landscape Presets for Adventure Photos — Couple Kayaking on a LakeBEFORE. Image via G-Stock Studio.

Free Lightroom Landscape Presets for Adventure Photos — Free Vintage Film PresetAFTER: Add fade to your photos for that old school “film” look. Image via G-Stock Studio.

Harkening back to childhood memories and the look of film photos, this Vintage Film preset will add just the right amount of “fade” to your adventure shots.

Vintage Film reduces contrast, softening the overly-digital look of the Blacks in your photo. It also adds color to the highlights.

Free Lightroom Landscape Presets for Adventure Photos — Fine-Tuning the Film LookFine-tuning the “film” look. Image via G-Stock Studio.

Find the Edit menu on the right side of the Lightroom window, represented by the icon with three little sliders. Under the Light section, adjust the Blacks and Highlights to control the contrast and fine-tune the film look.


Free Lightroom Landscape Presets for Adventure Photos — Red Kayak Floating Among IcebergsBEFORE: The original here is cold, but we wanted harsher blues. Image via DCrane.

Free Lightroom Landscape Presets for Adventure Photos — Free Glaciers PresetAFTER: Add the Glacier preset to intensify the feel of a cold environment. Image via DCrane.

This familiar look — with solid slabs of white snow, ice, or sky against deep and rich foliage or rocks — will make you feel Alaska, no matter what tropical climate you view it from. Use the Glaciers preset to intensify these cold environments, with or without people as subjects.

Play with the Shadows slider to bring out or bury the details in a bright photo. Also, use the Temp controls to turn down the heat even more.


Free Lightroom Landscape Presets for Adventure Photos — Free Campfire PresetApply the Campfire preset to warm up your shot. Image via Songquan Deng.

On the flip side of Glaciers, during cold climbs in the alpine-altitude chill, certain shots come across as a little too frigid. You might want to build a little campfire to warm it up a little. The Campfire preset will do just that, subtly changing the temperature and detail of the photo.

Free Lightroom Landscape Presets for Adventure Photos — Female Hiker Overlooking Lake LouiseNotice the difference in detail and color compared to the previous photo. Image via Songquan Deng.

Use the Temp slide, under the White Balance section in the Color controls, to adjust the relative warmth of the photo.

Van Life

Free Lightroom Landscape Presets for Adventure Photos — Travel RV in the AlpsBEORE: The original here is cool, but this preset makes it EPIC. Image via Andrey Armyagov.

Free Lightroom Landscape Presets for Adventure Photos — Free Epic Van Life PresetAFTER: Create more depth, scale, and drama by applying the Epic Van Life preset. Image via Andrey Armyagov.

#VanLife is the ultimate, actually doable, escapist fantasy for those of us with families. Imagine living in a well-appointed mobile home at a fraction of the cost of stationary life. A mobile home you can drive into the mountains, onto a beach, or even a desert locale for the winter.

Apply that aspirational look to your photos — van included or not — to keep the fires of your life-plan alive. Adjust the Dehaze control in the Effects menu to deepen or pull back the drama that various skies exhibit. You’d be surprised what you find there.

Mountain Portrait

Free Lightroom Landscape Presets for Adventure Photos — Free Mountain Portrait PresetBEFORE: With portrait shots, often times shadows cause uneven distribution of light. Image via William Hager.

Free Lightroom Landscape Presets for Adventure Photos — Hiker Posing in Front of a MountainAFTER: The difference is subtly, but look under the hat for where the adjustments count. Image via William Hager.

Mountain portraiture can be very challenging. Especially during mid-day — when we’re most likely to be doing the activities we want to be photographed doing — the sun in the mountains is pretty unforgiving. Harsh and directly overhead, our hats (or other accouterments) can inhibit evenly distributed exposure across this hard-clipped light spectrum.

This preset goes after the midtones to handle all the shades of different people in shadow, without encroaching on the colors and light properties that make the landscape beautiful — mostly. Any enhancements in the skin tone-range are indeed applied to the landscape in ways that boost them, allowing the detail and the colors — like green and red — to remain mostly natural, or slightly enhanced, to a pleasing degree.

Cover image via G-Stock Studio.

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