From National Currencies to Cryptocurrencies: FREE Currency Clip Arts

From National Currencies to Cryptocurrencies: FREE Currency Clip Arts

Add a touch of uniqueness to finance-related designs with this pack of FREE downloadable currency and money clip art illustrations.

Invoices, purchase orders, order receipts . . . When it comes to finance-related documents, most people tend to go back to basics to make sure the design looks serious and professional. However, we can make the design more interesting, while still keeping it professional, by adding a touch of uniqueness to one of the elements. And, the one element that’s present in all finance documents is currency. That’s why we’re giving away this pack of FREE Currency Clip Arts to you.

What’s Included in this FREE Currency Clip Arts Pack

This pack contains the clip arts of nineteen types of currencies from national currencies like Euro and Vietnamese đồng, to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. The nineteen currencies illustrated in this pack are:

Euro – €UK Pound – £Russia – ₽Turkey – ₺Ukraine – ₴Israel – ₪Nigeria – ₦Brazil – R$US/Canada – $Bangladesh – ৳China/Japan – ¥India – ₹Philippines – ₱South Korea – ₩Thailand – ฿Vietnam – ₫Bitcoin – ₿Litecoin – ŁEthereum – Ξ

For the Ethereum currency symbol, there are two types of symbols, the simplified Greek symbol and the Ethereum currency logo.

Each clip art is illustrated with hand-drawn brush strokes and fully customizable colors to match your brand and design.

The Clip Arts Pack comes with two types of illustrations—coin and circle.

Coin Currency Clip ArtsCoin Currency Clip Arts.

Circle Currency Clip ArtsCircle Currency Clip Arts.

The pack contains three types of files:

40 .png files of each currency on a transparent background1 .psd file of all the clip arts1 .eps file of all the clip arts

Downloading the FREE Currency Clip Arts

Downloading this pack of FREE Currency Clip Arts is simple. Just click on the button below to start your download. Then, double-click the ZIP file to unpackage its contents and access all the files.


*By downloading these FREE Currency Clip Arts, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

Where to Use the Currency Clip Arts

These clip arts are versatile to use in any design, as long as there’s a need for currency. There are so many possibilities. Below are some ideas of the possible usages for these clip arts:

InvoicesPurchase ordersReceiptsFinance reportsWeb designGift certificateCouponsOnline shop marketing

How to Customize the Clip Arts with Adobe Photoshop

This pack of clip arts comes in a colorful color palette that’s ready-to-use for your design. But, if you want the color scheme to match your brand color or your mood board, you can change the colors of the clip arts with Adobe Photoshop by following the tutorial below.

Open the File

First, open your Adobe Photoshop program and then open the Free Currency Clip Art .psd file inside the psd folder in the downloaded file.

View the Layers Window

Make sure you have the layers window visible by simply pressing F7 or by clicking the Window menu bar. Make sure there’s a check mark next to Layers.

View Layers WindowGo to the Window menu bar, then select Layers.

Once you have the Layers window visible, you’ll be able to see all the layers and layer folders.

Change the Colors

To change the colors, first pick any colors that you like by double-clicking the foreground colors. After that, select the Color layer.

Pick Your ColorsPick your colors, then select “Color” layer.

Next, click alt+delete and the object color will change to the color you picked.

Changing the ColorOnce you click alt+del, the color will change.

You can change the color of any object by clicking on the Color layer inside the respective layer folder. For example, if you want to change the color of the Euro currency symbol, click the Color layer inside the Euro layer folder. Then, click alt+delete after you choose the color you want.

Switching Between the Coin Clip Art and the Circle Clip Art

The Coin and Circle Currency Clip Art is combined in one .psd file. If you want to customize the Circle Clip Art, you need to switch between the Coin Clip Art and the Circle Clip Art. To do this, simply hide the coin shade layer group by clicking on the eye icon next to the layer group.

View the Plain Circle BackgroundHide the “coin shade” group layer to view the plain circle background.

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