From Nurses to Vials: FREE Vaccine Clip Arts Pack

From Nurses to Vials: FREE Vaccine Clip Arts Pack

Download these FREE Vaccine Clip Arts to illustrate your vaccine-related information and show your appreciation for healthcare workers.

During the pandemic, healthcare workers have been hit hard, risking their own lives to help those infected with the virus. So, when the vaccines finally came out, it was like a beacon of hope. Healthcare workers will no longer have to risk their own lives to help those infected with this life-threatening virus. For all of us, we’re getting a little closer to the actual (not new) normal.

To show your appreciation towards these hard-working healthcare workers, we created a bundle of vaccine-themed clip arts that you can download for FREE.

Included in this FREE Vaccine Clip Art Pack

This FREE Vaccine Clip Art pack contains eleven colorful illustrations, including:

Nurses of Various Race and Gender

Six NursesSix nurses of different races, gender, and scrubs color. Each of them are wearing a mask and a stethoscope, like any nurses would.

A Syringe and a Vial

Vial and SyringeWhat’s a vaccine clip art pack without a vial and syringe?

Nurse Administering Vaccine

Injecting Patient with VaccineA nurse injecting her patient with the vaccine. Thank you nurses and healthcare workers!

A Thanks to Healthcare Workers

Expressing Gratitude to Healthcare WorkersSpeaking of saying thanks, this clip art is available so that we can all express our gratitude towards these frontline workers.

Medical Gloves

Medical GlovesLast but not least, a pair of medical gloves, exemplifying the need for protection against the virus.

The clip arts are available as high-quality .png files with transparent backgrounds. All you need to do is open the .png files in any design software, such as Shutterstock Editor or Adobe Photoshop. It also comes in a .psd and .eps file version so that you can modify and customize them.

How to Download the FREE Vaccine Clip Arts

To download this pack of FREE Vaccine Clip Arts, simply click on the button below to start your download. Then, double-click the ZIP file to unpackage its contents. You’ll see a .psd and .eps file that you can use to customize the clip arts, and a folder titled “png” where all the ready to use .png files with transparent backgrounds are.


By downloading this FREE template pack, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

Ways to Use the Clip Arts

Thank You Card for Healthcare Workers

Thank You CardA Thank You card for healthcare workers.

Healthcare workers have been risking their own health (and lives!) to protect ours. How about showing them some appreciation by making a customized card to send to the healthcare workers that you know. OR, post it in your Instagram account.

Vaccine Infographic

Even though the vaccine has been officially made available, not everyone knows the facts about the vaccine itself. These clip arts can help decorate the useful information about the vaccine to make it more interesting and easy to read. These clip arts can also be combined with the FREE COVID-19 Clip Arts, so the infographic is more thorough.

Vaccine InfographicAn infographic containing useful information about the vaccine.

You can also add them to your posters, social media posts, and basically any vaccine-related designs!

How to Customize the Clip Arts with Adobe Photoshop

This pack of clip arts comes with a .psd file so you can customize them with Adobe Photoshop. Here’s how.

Open the File

First, open your Adobe Photoshop program, then open the Vaccine Clip Art .psd file inside the downloaded file.

View the Layers Window

When you open the file, you’ll initially just see the medical gloves clip art. The other clip arts are hidden behind it in layers. To see and customize the layers, first make the Layers window visible by simply pressing F7 or by clicking the Window menu bar. Make sure there’s a check mark next to Layers.

Make Layers Window VisibleMake Layers window visible so that you can see the layers and customize them.

The Layer window will appear on the right side of the workspace. Once you have the Layers window visible, you’ll be able to see all the layers and layer folders.

Make Clip Art Layer Visible

Make Target Layer Visible

If you want to customize a certain clip art, you have to make the clip art layer folder visible and hide the other clip arts folders.

For example, if you want to customize the Nurse 1 clip art:

First, hide any other layer folders by clicking on the eye icon on the left side of the layer folder name.Then, click on the blank box on the left side of the Nurse 1 group layer until an eye icon appears.Once you see the Nurse 1 clip art, you can start customizing it. But, you need to collapse the layer folders.To collapse the layer folder and see the layers inside, you need to click on the arrow on the left side of the layer folder name.

Open Layer FolderClick on the arrow to see the inside of the layer folder.

Change the Colors

To change the colors, first pick any colors you like by double-clicking the foreground colors. Then, select the Color layer. Now, click alt+delete and the object color will change to your color of choice.

Select Color LayerPick your colors, then select “Color” layer.

For example, if you want to change the hair color of Nurse 1:

Pick the color of the hair that you want by double-clicking the foreground color.Collapse the “hair” layer folder by clicking on the arrow next to it.Click on the “color” layer.Click alt+delete.

Editing ColorsClick on the “color” layer to change the color of the respective object.

Change Hair ColorOnce you click alt+del, the color will change.

Save the File

When you’re customizing, you can save the file. However, before you save the file, make sure you’re hiding the Background layer so that your clip art will have a transparent background.

To hide the background layer, simply click on the eye icon next to the Background layer. The background will disappear and you’ll see a checkered background that indicates transparency.

Hide Background LayerHide the background by clicking on the Background layer.

Click File -> Save As (Ctrl+Shift+S), name your file, and choose save as type ->.png. Your customized clip art is saved.

So, get creative with these vaccine-related clip art designs!

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