From Rich Hues to Moody Contrasts: 20 Free Fall Color Palettes

From Rich Hues to Moody Contrasts: 20 Free Fall Color Palettes

The colors of the fall season are more than just variations of reds and oranges. Capture the coziness of autumn with these twenty free fall color palettes.

As the cusp of the autumn season quickly approaches, the switch to more seasonal-appropriate color palettes commences. While the typical reds, yellows, and oranges symbolize the changing leaves, there are more ways to illustrate the transition between seasons.

Each color combination shown below is inspired by Shutterstock’s stock images. Next to each image you’ll find the curated color palette along with the unique six-digit hex codes for each hue. These unconventional color palettes can be applied to a myriad of marketing materials and projects, from social media designs to web banners to home decor inspiration.

If you love one of these listed color palettes, be sure to Pin it to your Pinterest mood board so you can save your color inspiration for later. For quick and easy access to the swatches themselves, scroll to the bottom to get your free swatch download for use in Adobe design programs and Shutterstock Editor.

1. Moody Blossom

The purple leaves of the black iris flower evoke the moodiness and dark nights of the fall season. Rich and deep hues are a perfect place to start when revamping a project or simply looking for inspiration at home.

Incorporate Rich HuesRevamp a project with deep, rich, moody hues. Image via Dasha Artemieva.

2. Natural Neutrals

A Soothing Neutral PaletteNeutrals soothe the gentle fall palette. Image via Svetlana Lukienko.

3. Vibrant Spices

A vivid, yet comforting palette, this combination of hues takes inspiration from the mesmerizing colors seen in various spices. The contrast of the Cayenne red with the dark Fig creates an alluring palette that’s sure to turn heads.

Inspiration Through Vibrant ColorsTake inspiration from vibrant color combinations. Image via Andrija Petrovic.

4. Foggy Forest

Add Muted PastelsMuted pastels are always a nice addition. Image via Radek Standera.

5. Outdoor Celebration

There’s nothing quite like enjoying the cooler evenings at the cusp of the fall season. Capture the coziness of reclining beneath illuminating lights with this color palette.

Illuminating Color PaletteIlluminate the season with this cozy color combo. Image via Breslavtsev Oleg.

6. Fashionable Portrait

Incorporate a Bit of BrassIncorporate a bit of brazen brass to your fall palette. Image via LightField Studios.

7. Artisan Loom

Creating a fall color palette doesn’t mean you need to avoid brighter colors. Rich and invigorating hues, such as Amber and Cayenne, combined with cooler variants create a seasonal palette that’s unexpected and visually interesting.

Combine Invigorating HuesCombine rich, invigorating hues with cooler variants. Image via Alba_alioth.

8. Cozy Cappuccino

Cool Coffee AccentsTake inspiration from your local coffee shop. Image via Aleksandrs Muiznieks.

9. Earthy Mushrooms

The soft, yet earthy, hues of mushrooms and their surrounding environments provide a harmonious color palette suitable for fall-themed decor and projects. Olive Green and Camel combine to bring forth the natural hues that symbolize the start of autumn.

Incorporate Soft Earthy HuesStart the fall season with soft, earthy hues. Image via Rubencress.

10. Plush Pillows

Cozy Color CombinationsAdd a mix of cozy color combinations. Image via Olga Miltsova.

11. Stylish Couple

Creating a cohesive color palette with a variety of tones can be a daunting task. Instead of randomly selecting hues that you think of, try sourcing colors with similar values. Using a cool-toned yellow paired with blues and browns can make an impact on any fall-themed project.

Source Similar ColorsMake an impact on your fall-themed project by sourcing colors with similar values. Image via LightField Studios.

12. Lush Landscape

Integrate Landscape ColorsIntegrate lush landscape-esque colors into your fall palette. Image via Luis Boucault.

13. Rustic Brick

When in doubt, get your color inspiration from your surroundings, such as from brick buildings and architecture. Fully saturated reds and blues feel more patriotic than autumnal when paired together. When taken down a notch with the help of tones and shades, this palette can add that comforting touch.

Inspiration from SurroundingsDiscover inspiration in your surroundings. Image via philip openshaw.

14. Vivid Nature

Draw Incentives from NatureDraw incentive from natural beauty combinations. Image via Akira Kaelyn.

15. Romantic Florals

These delicate floral hues aren’t just suitable for weddings. A soft yellow-brown, such as Maple, complemented with a deep purple, like Fig, creates the perfect harmony for a fall-themed palette.

Incorporate Harmony with Vintage FloralsIncorporate harmony with delicate floral hues. Image via mamita.

16. Velvet Vibes

Add Velvet AccentsAccent your color palette with a splash of velvet. Image via Followtheflow.

17. Emerald Foliage

While muted tones can evoke the coziness of the autumn season, there’s no reason to overlook jewel tones completely. The softness of Viridian feels chic, yet unexpected, when paired with deeper greens or used as a stand-alone accent hue.

Add ViridianJewel tones add a softness when paired with deeper greens. Image via TurboYoda.

18. Wool Fibers

Yarn.jpg?w=750" alt="The Elegance of Wool" class="wp-image-144791" />The elegance of wool fiber brings a lovely array of colors to any palette. Image via Olga Evans.

19. Chic Cushions

The fall season doesn’t need to be only symbolized by the same overused hues. Inject excitement to your next project by experimenting with a combination of cool and warm colors, such as a rich Cranberry Red and a Dusty Blue.

Experiment with Cool and Warm ColorsInject excitement into your project by experimenting with cool and warm colors. Image via brizmaker.

20. Dried Bouquet

A Vintage AuraA dried flower bouquet lends a vintage aura to your decor. Image via Capable97.

Download Swatch Files

Download these twenty free unconventional fall color palettes by clicking on the red button below. All of these swatches are available in the RGB color profile, so they’re ideal for any digital design.


*These assets are free for personal or commercial use. By downloading, you agree not to redistribute these files.

Swatch files allow you to quickly apply color to any design element in your document, taking the guesswork out of finding a suitable palette. In other design applications, such as Shutterstock Editor, you can simply type out the unique six-digit hex codes labeled for each color swatch above.

How to Use Your Free Swatches in Adobe Programs

In Adobe Illustrator, click the dropdown menu in the Swatches panel and select Open Swatch Library > Other Library, then import one of the swatch files. The color palettes will appear in a new window, ready for your next project.

In both Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, open the Swatches panel and click on the dropdown menu. Select Load Swatches and import an individual swatch file to see it pop up within the panel.

You can apply these unique color palettes to any vector shape, text object, gradient, or background layer. Use any of the fall-themed color palettes to spruce up seasonal designs or inject vibrancy into website or digital campaigns.

How to Use Your Free Swatches in Shutterstock Editor

With a shape or text object selected, head over to the Fill Color or Stroke Color menus. Then, click on the circle shape to bring up the Presets and Custom tabs. Select the Custom tab and enter the six-digit hex code in the Web Color box.

Editor‘s new gradient feature allows you to easily apply these color palettes to a linear gradient. Simply select Gradient from the Fill Color dropdown, click the gradient stop, then enter the hex codes in the Web Color panel.

Cover image via anyaivanova.

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