Holiday Gift Guides: Gifts to Give Using Your Photographs

Holiday Gift Guides: Gifts to Give Using Your Photographs

Want to give something unique this holiday season? Try these ten fresh ideas for using your own photography in special, one-of-a-kind gifts.

There is nothing more better than receiving a personal gift that is completely unique for the holidays. As photographers, you have the skills to create unique gifts using your photographic skill and creativity. In this gift guide for 2019 gifts, we’re sharing ten ways that you can use your photo skills to create amazing photography gifts.

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We’ve scoured shops and guides to find the best unique photography gift ideas for you to create this year. This is the perfect time to go through your stock portfolio, and find your favorite images of the year to share with your loved ones. Here is our 2019 gift guide using your photography skills.

Photography Gift Idea #1: Photobooks

It’s the classic. Photobooks and albums are a timeless way to share memories with loved ones. Took an incredible trip? Bring your family along by giving them a stunning memory they’ll keep forever. Found a box of old family photographs? Put it together to share a laugh (or a cry) together over egg nog.

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Softcover or hardcover, Artifact Uprising has plenty of options for photographers looking to create photo stories to share with their loved ones. Made with premium quality materials, there are a ton of different options that you can customize to showcase your work. It’s the ultimate photography gift idea that’s sure to be a timeless hit.

Photography Gift Idea #2: DIY Photo Playing Cards

We absolutely love this customizable DIY idea! Add your photography to a regular deck of playing cards for a usable gift that’s unexpected. A Beautiful Mess put this really easy-to-do DIY together. So, check it out and impress your friends with your arts and crafts skills.

Photography Gift Idea #3: Photographic Wall Murals

For the interior designer in your life, use your favorite photograph to create a customized mural or wallpaper. We are in love with Anewall’s murals. As a bonus, this company can also custom-make murals from a photograph of your choice. To learn more about making a custom piece, click here.

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A mural can be large or small, but some of our favorites are simple and small feature walls. Using your photography, pick a photograph that you think aligns with the personal style of the person you’re gifting it to. If it’s minimal, try a pattern or something black and white. Do they love to travel? Blow out your favorite sunset image.

Photography Gift Idea #4: Cell Phone Cases

Did you go on an epic trip with a friend this year who can’t stop sharing the photographs? Give them something they’ll always have with them with a customizable phone case!

Casetify can make custom cases for nearly every type of phone (and laptops too!) so your friend can always have that memory with them. This is a great photography gift idea for secret Santas, as it’s relatively inexpensive and easy to do (as long as you know their phone type).

Photography Gift Idea #5: Candles

Have an amazing photograph of the ocean your mom absolutely loves? Take her to that moment with a scented candle with the photograph printed on the glass. Shutterfly makes these with an abundance of different scents (including Ocean Breeze) that you can select to fit with the type of photograph you’d like on the candle.

Holiday Gift Guides: Gifts to Give Using Your Photographs — CandlesImage by Soloviova Liudmyla

Photography Gift Idea #6: Wall Tapestries

A wall tapestry is a really universal piece of artwork that can be used in so many different ways throughout a home. Having a custom one made from your stunning landscape photographs is a perfect way to share your work with friends. We love the idea of sending this to friends abroad, as they can be quite light and easy to ship compared to traditional prints. Shop custom tapestries here.

Photography Gift Idea #7: Woven Photo Blankets

Nothing says cozy like cuddling up in a favorite photo! Give the gift of comfort with a one-of-a-kind blanket. Our favorite? The woven blankets, although you can also get fleece depending on the material you prefer. Snapfish makes a ton of different options to choose from depending on your material preference.

Holiday Gift Guides: Gifts to Give Using Your Photographs — Cozy Photo BlanketImage by Nina Buday

Photography Gift Idea #8: Customizable Shoes

Did you know you can upload any photograph and make a custom pair of Vans shoes? Send your fashion friend a cool pair of kicks that no one else will own. Our favorite idea? Vans with a close-up texture of something you’ve photographed across the entire shoe. Gift-giving just got epic.

Photography Gift Idea #9: Unique Yoga Mats

For the sports-lover in your life, Yogamatic creates custom-printed yoga mats out of your own image! They can also create a custom printed yoga towel that’s washable, compact, and made from recycled material. Doesn’t get much cooler than that! Knock off some of those New Years resolutions in style.

Holiday Gift Guides: Gifts to Give Using Your Photographs — Custom Yoga MatsImage by Nina Buday

Photography Gift Idea #10: Sticker Booklets

If you are a portrait or lifestyle photographer, this one’s for you. You can create individual stickers or sticker booklets out of any face you’ve taken a photograph of. Or any animal’s face, for the dog mom in your life. Let the hilarity ensue with My Sticker Face.

We hope these custom gift ideas help spark some ideas while you’re shopping for gifts for family and friends! Have any ideas or past custom gifts you’ve created that you’d like to share with our community? Follow us on Instagram and tag us in your photos! We’d love to see what you come up with.

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