How to Brand Your YouTube Channel with Channel Art

How to Brand Your YouTube Channel with Channel Art

From recommended design layouts to creating cool graphics, here’s your guide to branding your own YouTube channel with channel art.

YouTube has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a hosting platform for home videos. Now, savvy entrepreneurs, brands, and freelancers are using YouTube channels to connect with thousands of potential customers, as well as reap the rewards of video advertising on the site. 

How to Brand Your YouTube Channel with Channel Art — <span class=Crafting a Brand Identity" class="wp-image-134104" />Crafting your own brand identity ensures a consistent look and feel to your channel.

All successful YouTube channels have one thing in common — a clear and compelling identity that ensures the channel and videos have a consistent look and feel. Refining a channel identity across banners, thumbnails, video intros, and end screens is a sure-fire way of upping the professionalism of your channel and attracting more viewers. 

Consider this your go-to guide for branding your YouTube channel with channel art, covering what software you’ll need to create graphics, recommended design layouts, and tips on the technical details, including sizing your designs. It’s an essential read for budding vloggers, designers, and digital marketers. 

What You’ll Need to Create a YouTube Channel Identity: The Basics

How to Brand Your YouTube Channel with Channel Art — Budget-Friendly SoftwareCreate designs quick, easy, and on a budget. Image by Aleksandr Merg.

You don’t need to spend a huge amount of time or money creating a professional identity for your channel. With a good set of foundation graphics and images to work with, you can create the designs you need quickly and easily using budget-friendly software.

To create a range of versatile designs you can use across your YouTube channel, you’ll need the following: 

Software for Creating Designs

Any 2D design program will do, but Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Affinity Photo are particularly well-suited to creating layouts for the web. Both Adobe and Affinity offer free trials of their products, giving you plenty of time to put your designs together without loosening the purse strings.

Logo and Icon Variations

These will give your channel a uniform, professional look in an instant and instill a sense of trust in your brand. Logos can be placed on headers, thumbnails, and end screens to add authority and legitimacy. Save your logo files as high-resolution PNG files to preserve transparent backgrounds, allowing you to layer logo designs over the top of backgrounds cleanly. 

How to Brand Your YouTube Channel with Channel Art — Creating Brand RecognitionLogos are great for creating brand recognition.

Legible and Professional Font(s)

Using the same font or fonts consistently across all your designs will help to pull together your channel’s identity. Fonts that are highly legible and visible, such as chunky sans serifs, are useful for small-scale thumbnails.

Brand Color Palette

A consistent color palette is the unsung workhorse of any well-designed YouTube channel. Whether you opt for eye-catching neons, soothing pastels, or optimistic brights, stick to a restricted palette of two to five colors for a uniform look. You can vary these colors across backgrounds, overlays, and typography. For web designs, you’ll need to create your color swatches as RGB or HEX colors. 

How to Brand Your YouTube Channel with Channel Art — Choosing a Color PaletteStick to a minimal but catchy color palette.

Consistently-Styled Photos

While you can grab screenshots from your videos and use these as static images on your designs, the results will be much better if you use photographs.

If you’re a vlogger with an individual-led channel, such as beauty tutorials, fitness classes, or cooking videos, place closeup head shots of yourself or the person featured in the videos alongside text titles on thumbnails and banners.

How to Brand Your YouTube Channel with Channel Art — Stylize Your DesignsStylize your designs to represent the content of your channel.

A smiling selfie that makes eye-contact with the viewer goes a long way, but generally aim to give the viewer a sense of what they can expect from the video. If you’re teaching photography tips, holding a camera is an instant cue. Gamer? Wearing a headset sends out a clear message about the content of your channel. 

What You’ll Need to Design for Your Channel: Banners, Thumbnails, Slides, and End Screens

Once you’ve gathered together the building blocks of your identity “kit,” you can start to create the different designs you’ll need to create a comprehensive channel identity. 

How to Brand Your YouTube Channel with Channel Art — Building a Comprehensive Channel IdentityBuild your own unique channel identity.

The designs you’ll need to put together include: 

A banner — This appears along the top of the channel page.Thumbnails for each video — These allow viewers to see a quick snapshot of your video as they’re browsing YouTube. In-video slides — You can introduce a video or split up sections of a video with a branded slide, animation, or video sequence.An end screen — This is a slide that appears during the last five to twenty seconds of a video, promoting other videos, asking viewers to subscribe, or prompting them to check out info or links in the text below the video. 

Read on to discover more details about each of these designs, and pick up tips for creating an effective channel identity using channel art. 

1. Banner

Size: 2560 x 1440 pixels

YouTube recommends this with TV screens in mind. For desktops, however, the maximum dimensions are 2560 x 423 pixels.

How to Brand Your YouTube Channel with Channel Art — Banner Design on a TV Screen

How to Brand Your YouTube Channel with Channel Art — Banner Design on a Full-Width Desktop BrowserThe same banner design as it would appear on a TV screen (top image) and a full-width desktop browser (bottom image).

Keep in mind that the banner will have to look good across a variety of devices and screen sizes. So, make sure the resolution is crisp and clear (it’s better to design with the maximum screen size in mind). PNG files will render text content in clearer definition than JPEG images.

Because the banner has to adapt to different screen widths, it’s best to place important elements — such as logos or names — near the center of the banner. YouTube can place your user icon or social sharing buttons over the sides of your channel art, so the outer edges should really only contain background or photo content.

With this in mind, focus your energy on creating an eye-catching banner that has a strong central focus. Combine a photo of the channel’s star, a scaled-up logo, or a channel title with your brand color palette, graphic shapes, or gradients to create a pro look in no time.

2. Channel Icon

Size: 800 x 800 pixels 

How to Brand Your YouTube Channel with Channel Art — The Importance of a Channel IconYour channel icon is essential to brand recognition.

Your channel icon appears in searches, on your channel page, and next to the title of videos in searches and on the home feed.

Optimize your logo as an icon that can be adapted as a round graphic —YouTube will crop the square edges into a circle 800 px in diameter.

3. Thumbnails

Size: 1280 x 720 pixels (with a minimum width of 640 pixels), under 2 MB, and uploaded as a JPG, GIF, or PNG file.

How to Brand Your YouTube Channel with Channel Art — The Importance of the ThumbnailAn engaging thumbnail will attract potential viewers.

Thumbnails are small but mighty. They are a powerful tool for enticing potential viewers to click and watch your video. So, it pays to consider their design as much as banners or actual video content. 

While you can pick from three options that YouTube automatically generates, you can achieve a more unique look by creating your own thumbnail. Combine a single image and the title of the video onto the design, and use a bold color or contrast to create a clickable design. For photos, use an engaging headshot with an excited and enthusiastic expression to attract viewers’ attention, or an illustration that has a strong, graphic style. Direct eye-contact in images also helps to draw in clicks.  

Keep in mind that on many devices, thumbnails will be teeny-tiny, so make sure that text content is super-enlarged and legible — bright white sans-serif text against a colored or dark background is simple and effective.

4. Slides

Size: To match the dimensions of a YouTube video, the maximum dimension is 3840 x 2160 pixels, with an aspect ratio of 16:9.

How to Brand Your YouTube Channel with Channel Art — Slides for Transitional PurposesSlides are perfect for transitioning between video sequences.

Slides are static graphics that you can place at the start of your videos, or scatter throughout to divide the video into sections. This can be as simple as an image with a video title, or adapted as a cut-out overlay, under which you can place video content. Alternatively, you might want to use an animated logo reveal or purposefully created video sequence. 

Static slides are quick and easy to create and help to polish up the look of your videos. Slides that include logos also help to make your videos appear more professional and branded. 

In terms of style, you can be as creative as you like with your slide designs. Keep in mind, subtitles and hover elements tend to appear towards the bottom or edges of a video, so centralize text content on your slide. 

Once you’ve created an initial slide design using your identity colors, fonts, and logo, you can reuse this as a template for other videos.

How to Brand Your YouTube Channel with Channel Art — Create a Template for Each Slide

How to Brand Your YouTube Channel with Channel Art — Create a Template for Each Slide

How to Brand Your YouTube Channel with Channel Art — Create a Template for Each SlideReuse your template for other videos.

5. End screen

Size: As with slides, the dimensions match that of YouTube videos, so a maximum dimension of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

How to Brand Your YouTube Channel with Channel Art — Utilizing the End ScreenUse the end screen to place links to other videos or a subscribe button. You can encourage users to click links in the description below by using visual cues pointing downwards, such as arrows.

Also referred to as “end cards” or “endslates,” an end screen helps to extend watch time on your channel by offering clickable links to other videos. They can also be used to encourage subscription, or point towards onward links in the description text below the video or a pinned comment.

You have the choice to add an end screen in YouTube Studio using preloaded templates. Or, for a more branded look, you can create your own.

Effective end screens place the focus on the call-to-action, whether it’s a subscribe click or a featured video. A themed background using your brand colors or a photo helps to up the professionalism of the design. Try to use visual cues in the end screen, such as arrows or photos that look to or point towards the call-to-action.

Conclusion: Branding Your YouTube Channel with Channel Art

In this article, we’ve looked at a simple and effective formula for creating a professional identity for your YouTube channel.

Once you have the building blocks of your identity in place — including a logo, fonts, colors, and images — you can use software like Photoshop or InDesign to create designs for the channel’s banner, icon, and thumbnails. It’s also important to consider how you can incorporate the identity into your videos, designing slides, and end screens that can be saved as templates and reused for different videos.

How to Brand Your YouTube Channel with Channel Art — Build a Unique Brand IdentityBuilding your own unique brand identity is key to gaining viewers.

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