IGTV: The Value and Usefulness of Streaming Video

Learn everything about Instagram’s new IGTV platform and discover tips for creating powerful IGTV videos for your business.

Smartphone users have been able to upload videos to their Instagram account for a while, with one main drawback: a 60-second limit to video size. IGTV is the answer to this obstacle, and a whole new creative outlet for content creators and brands on social media.

What Is IGTV?

Instagram TV is a platform where users can create their own TV channel. Business owners can share weekly tips, take followers on a trip around the globe, or showcase how-to videos. The possibilities are endless.

IGTV Mockup
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The main advantage of IGTV, compared to normal Instagram videos (or Instagram Stories), is an increased video size limit. IGTV videos can last up to one hour each, giving content producers plenty of time for details. All videos are displayed vertically, making this content especially attractive for mobile device users.

IGTV is all about channels, lending itself beautifully to dynamic episodes tailored specifically to your target audience. Followers see a personalized feed with recommended channels and can check out the hottest creators, or perform channel searches.

Why Is IGTV Valuable for Businesses?

In addition to the prospect of reaching millions of viewers (without paying advertising fees) this app provides other benefits that are impossible to ignore:

People love watching videos: Many people happily spend hours checking out videos on topics they’re interested in. IGTV is Instagram’s response to YouTube, and might see similar popularity in the coming years.
Videos give your company personality: Videos let customers and potential clients see the people behind the name, giving your company a friendly face.
Exciting content is engaging: Blog posts do attract attention, but the increasingly short attention span of online customers means that vibrant videos keep them engaged longer.
Branded IGTV episodes create trust: When your videos provide helpful tips in solving problems your customers face, they sense you care and start to develop a personal relationship with your company.
Seeing is believing: For many people, images mean more than words. Product videos have a deep effect on customer perception of quality. They’re also useful for explaining difficult concepts in a way that’s easy for the viewer to understand.
Emotions motivate purchases: IGTV lets you take your customers along for the ride. Exciting experiences or touching moments move hearts, and purchase intent is often based on feelings.

Setting up a new IGTV account is really easy, and it doesn’t cost a penny. Even better, you can coordinate IGTV on other online channels via hashtags, unifying Instagram posts, Instagram Stories, print media, and branded website content.

How to Use IGTV

IGTV is available on iPhone and Android devices through the main Instagram app, or a dedicated IGTV app. The first step to designing amazing video content is to create your own channel.

Either tap on the TV icon at the top right of your Instagram app, or download the IGTV app directly.
Tap the gear icon and select Create Channel.
Follow the instructions to choose a name for your channel and establish preferences.

How to create IGTV channel
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Uploading videos is just as effortless. Just tap the plus icon (+) from the top corner and choose the appropriate video from your library. Then press Post.

Tips for Amazing IGTV Content

For excellent results, treat IGTV videos like other marketing campaigns: know your target audience, set a clear goal, and then create high-quality content that engages your customers. IGTV content can take the form of sneak peeks, product demos, how-to videos, behind-the-scenes looks, interviews, recipe creation, and more.

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