Introducing Digitally Signed Model Releases

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You can now submit digitally signed model releases, making contributing to Shutterstock easier than ever before.

Gone are the days of chasing down your models and talent to have them fill out printed forms. We know this additional step has plagued contributors, making shoots chaotic and delaying content submissions. For many, printing out the form, signing it, scanning it, and sending it back is a real hassle. So we’ve fixed this inconvenience.

We are happy to introduce digitally signed model releases. Your transactions with models will be much faster and more efficient than ever before. If you’re thinking to yourself, “why didn’t they do this earlier?”— we completely agree! We have a lot of exciting projects in our product roadmap, and we’ve been working hard to make this important feature a reality for our community.

The digitally signed model release helps you get in touch with your talent in just a few clicks. It also allows your models to reply back to you quickly. All together, you can now submit more quality content to the Shutterstock library. And faster to market means more earning potential in the long run.

Working with talent happens in different stages, from contacting them and discussing the details for the shoot, to scheduling, setup, and actual shooting sessions. Add in editing, coloring, uploading — it’s an involved process. Digitally signed releases will remove one pesky obstacle, reducing friction and delays when everything is ready for submitting.

Let’s walk you through using the digital model release. It only takes a couple of easy steps.

Step 1: Find the digital model release form

When you log in into your contributor account and enter the Submit content section, you may see an announcement about the digital model release form. This explains where you can request the release.

Digital model releases are here

The release form can be requested from the top navigation menu as seen in this screenshot.

Request digital model release form

Step 2: Request the release document

We’ve partnered with DocuSign to provide a digital model release form that’s fully interactive and secure. Before getting to the actual document, you will be asked to provide your model’s name, email, a custom message (which is optional), and the release name (which is pre-populated, but you can change it). Once done, click Request Release.

Step 3: Contributor fills out the DocuSign form

In the form that opens, your information will be inserted based on your account settings. Before you proceed, you will need to accept the terms and conditions.

Sign the form with your digital signature and continue with by clicking Finish. This will send the form to your model.

Shutterstock digital model release form

Step 4: Model signs the DocuSign form

The form is sent to your model by email. The email will be sent from Shutterstock by Docusign with the subject line “Action Required: Sign your Model Release from {Your Contributor Name}”.

Your model needs to agree to the terms and fill out the DocuSign form. Obce they provide their digital signature, they can click Finish.

Step 5: Shutterstock adds signed release to your account

Once both parties have signed the release, you will receive the confirmation and Shutterstock will ingest the digitally signed model release and add it to your contributor account. You are now able to attach the signed release to the content you’re ready to submit.

We hope this new feature will help you submit content with models more efficiently.

Note that the digital model release is available for models who are 18 years or older. For models under 18, you will still need to follow the old model release process. We are working to change this. Stay tuned for more news about the enhancements we’re bringing to the contributor portal.

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