Introducing Shutterstock Studios: Your Complete Content Creation Solution

Introducing Shutterstock Studios: Your Complete Content Creation Solution

From social posts to brand campaigns, Shutterstock Studios is a 360° content creation solution. Give us your idea, and we’ll do the rest.

Content is key to connecting with your audience. Today’s brands don’t just need content to stay top of mind with customers—they need lots of it. It’s no secret that the current global climate has forced new limitations on businesses, especially ones that make producing content in-house trickier than ever. Nonetheless, companies that have embraced ways to collaborate remotely are thriving—and we want to team up with them.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce Shutterstock Studios, a remote creative solution designed to help your company or agency meet growing content demands and navigate the ever-evolving path to production. Come to Studios with your concept, whether it’s for a few localized social posts or a full-scale regional campaign, and we’ll bring it to life.

Overcome Today’s Challenges with a Turnkey Content Solution

Access to AssetsBy partnering with Shutterstock Studios, you get access to a plethora of assets. Image via Astrakan Images.

It’s an understatement to say that a global pandemic has altered the business of content creation. Jetting off to a tropical location to capture an idyllic sunset just isn’t as feasible as it once was. Even shooting in your own city comes with a unique set of parameters.

That’s where we come in. We understand the plight of brands currently expanding into new regions or experimenting with different content types. When you partner with Shutterstock Studios, you won’t just get the assets you need, you’ll get them at a price that fits your budget—and in a way that also fits your approach.

Shutterstock Studios is a smart, cost-effective choice for large brands and agencies looking to meet their content needs and create fresh, dynamic assets. We’ll use our 360-degree approach to help you share the next chapter in your brand’s story.

What We Do, How We Do It

Think of us as a creative agency for creative agencies. We don’t just make content. We make planning, production, and delivery more seamless and affordable.

Shutterstock Studios offers clients a whole spectrum of services at any stage of production. Rely on our expertise for a full-service campaign or a single deliverable. No matter the scope of work, we understand the importance of your creative vision and help bring it to life by, among other things, listening to you.

We’ll tap into our global network of over one million content creators, our talented producers, and forward-thinking technology to support that vision and share it with the world.

Our teams are made up of people who understand your circumstances, goals, and most importantly, your process. As a result, we deliver a streamlined, friction-free experience. We prioritize simplicity, speed, and stay focused on what matters—creativity. We’re flexible and believe in meaningful content that’s deployed with precision. Here are just a few of the ways we can help.

Pre-Production Services

Tailor Your Brand's VisionWith Shutterstock Studios, you’ll get a full team of creatives working to tailor your brand’s vision. Image via Cavan Images.

Shutterstock Studios offers a full creative team dedicated to researching and developing a campaign tailored to your brand’s vision. From market research to creative ideation, we’ll turn a simple idea into a fully-furnished project.

Production Services

Ensure a Quality ProductOur wide-range of creative outputs ensures that we execute every aspect of your final product. Image via Carles Alonso / Addictive Creative.

We cover every detail of storytelling with a wide-range of creative outputs. With our network of over one million content producers, we’re able to execute everything from storyboards and script writing, to graphic design and 3D rendering. We constantly refer to your brand guidelines along the way to ensure that the final product is on-brand and resonates with your audience.

Post-Production Services

Project ManagementFrom video edits to compositing, our production management will add those essential finishing touches to your product. Image via Wavebreak Media.

Every project is carried out with meticulous project management. We add the finishing touches to your creative or campaign in-house, including video edits, motion graphics, photo retouching, and compositing. We can also transform your assets for multiple uses, like creating a sizzle reel from a video.

Global Reach, Local Flavor

As a global company, we’re fortunate to work with creators and brands all over the world. That means that no matter where you or your customers are, local content is within reach. 

Choose Shutterstock Studios because we’re a smart, cost-effective partner to help grow and share the value of your brand. We’ve got the experience, end-to-end skill, and strategy to fuel your success. Ready to connect with your audience? Start by using the power of expertly-produced content.

Learn more about what we can do for your brand. We’re happy—and ready—to help.

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