May Fresh: New Content We Love

May Fresh Content - Man in Cuba

Each month we bring you the top inspirational images in Shutterstock’s collection. Explore new content and beautiful photographs in our May roundup.

Every day, our team searches their new content on Shutterstock and Offset. This blog post showcases new content we love that was uploaded the month prior. We couldn’t be more excited to share this month’s May Fresh, featuring the new content from contributors from both Shutterstock and Offset. We have a global network powered by thousands of creative artists from every corner of the globe, and seeing the creativity of your new work is truly inspiring.

For May, we’re sharing the top eleven images that we loved from new content on Shutterstock and Offset. We’re also linking to a full collection of the top thirty uploaded content from both networks to inspire your next creative shoot. Click here to view the full May Fresh Shutterstock collection, and here for the full May Fresh Offset collection.

Here is this month’s Fresh, featuring new content on Shutterstock and Offset contributors that we loved from contributors around the globe.

May Fresh: New Content on Shutterstock and Offset

“To the sea little one”
Image by Offset Artist WestEnd61

“An orange breakfast”
Image by Shutterstock Artist FoodAndPhoto
May Fresh Content - Fish eating mans toes in natural spa

“A natural spa with the fish”
Image by Shutterstock Artist Jaromir Chalabala

May Fresh Content - Muslim woman laughing over coffee
“Morning coffee with friends”
Image by Shutterstock Artist Pavle Bugarski

May Fresh Content - Bird in Paradise
“Bird in paradise”
Image by Shutterstock Artist Breslevtsev Oleg

“More beach days”
Image by Offset Artist Bonninstudio

May Fresh Content - Acai Bowls
“Acai bowls please”
Image by Offset Artist Leigh Beisch

May Fresh Content - Baby in sink having a bath
Image by Shutterstock Artist Lena May
May Fresh Content - Ringer Gymnast
Image by Offset Artist Oriol Castello
May Fresh Content - Man walking alone in Trinidad
“The solo walker”
Image by Offset Artist Shanna Baker

May Fresh Content - Avocado and egg quesadilla
“More quesadilla, por favor”
Image by Shutterstock Artist Kiian Oksana

Featured Image by Offset Artist Shanna Baker

We can’t wait to see what content you upload next month. Need inspiration? Check out our monthly Shot List to find out what clients are searching for. Not a contributor yet? To sign up for Shutterstock, click here, or sign up for Offset by clicking here.

Click here for the Shutterstock May Fresh Collection
Shutterstock May Fresh Collection

Click here for the Offset May Fresh Collection
Offset May Fresh Collection

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