Meet the winners of the 12 Days of Questmas

We requested for amazing photos for that 12 Days of Questmas, and also you delivered&mdashnow it&rsquos our use provide the well-deserved prizes! Browse the grand prize champion and 10 runners-up for each one of the 12 Quests below.

Thanks to everybody that posted towards the 12 Days of Questmas! Your passion makes photo challenges such as this possible. Didn&rsquot win this time around? Stay tuned in for additional Quests in 2019!

Portraits with Plants Quest: Grand prize champion

Cintia by Dåvid Luis on

&#8220Cintia&#8221 by David Luis, champion of the Camera Backpack from Cecilia!


“Just Smile” by Tatyana Kovaleva

“Maria on film” by Radostina Boseva

“Spring beauty” by Pauly Pholwises

“SImona” by Katy Sendza

“Organic shadows” by Taras Markin

“portrait” by CHU.BSH

“OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA” by Mieszko Majewski

“Portrait in green” by O’Dwayne Wilson

“Alina Batrak” by Yuri Leo

“Wildflower” by Bela Mayer

I’m On My Way Quest: Grand prize champion

Out of service by Aivars Katkovskis on

&#8220Out of service&#8221 by Aivars Katkovskis, champion of the Print Service Gift Card from Fujifilm!


“Snow storm in Nyc” by Eric Arellano

“Lone” by JX K

“Walking in Lisbon” by Michael Kozloff

“On the way” by José Antoine Costa (Jioco)

“in the rain – 1” by Black Station

“Modern times” by Chris Herzog

“Jordyn” by Apollo Reyes

“On the way” by Oscar Karels

“SAM SAND DUNES” by Chanathip Khoosuwan

“The misty morning” by Lukas Kuda

In the Shadows Quest: Grand prize champion

Leonie, 2018 by Julian Schröpel on

&#8220Leonie, 2018&#8221 by Julian Schropel, champion of The Roamer Backpack from Brevite!


“S A D I E” by Marcio Miranda

Photo by Viktoriya Gurt

“Giada” by Paolo Tacchella

“by the window” by David Velez

“DSCF9551-2.jpg” by BenMurphy6

“No surprises.” by Marvin Herrera

“Angelina” by Saule Kha

“TIEN” by Thanh Tien Dang

“Shadow” by Kristina Kostic

“V A L E N T I N A” by Alex Palermo

Reflection Quest: Grand prize champion

Who? by Ryan Edward on

&#8220Who?&#8221 by Ryan Edward, champion of the 70-210mm F/4 Di VC USD Lens from Tamron!


“Point of view” by Tamara Savkovic

“Reflection” by Ilya Blinov

“ann” by Nelia Lukavenko-Hryhorenko

“mirror.intense.” by Sollena – Photography (Sandra)

“DS182 – Sabrina” by Dariane Sanche

“DSC” by All Nea

Untitled by Lamarr Golding

“Reflection” by Nicolo’ Caredda

“red reflection” by Marie Dashkova

“PX” by Nadine Qadour

Authentic Family Moments Quest: Grand prize champion

happy mother and child son playing pillow fight in bed in early morning. Family casual lifestyle... by Maria Kovalevskaya on

&#8220happy mother and child son playing pillow fight in bed in early morning.&#8221 by Maria Kovalevskaya, champion of the PocketWizard Kit from PocketWizard!


“Happiness is not the richest.” by Ekachai prasertkaew

“Mother and daughter camping in the nature.” by Igor Milic

“Children having fun with splashing water” by Jaromir Chalabala

“Calella de Palafrugell” by Stefan Krusche

&#8220I am certainly gonna eat you

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