Our favorite photographs of 2018: Part 1

This past year, we unveiled our favorite photos of the year the very first time&mdasha collection that showcased the breadth and depth from the 500px community, in addition to many up-and-coming talents. The curation process was a workout in inspiration for the team, and additional shown just how much talent, creativeness, and fervour 500px photographers have to give you. We&rsquore honored to show another instalment of our favorite photos of the year.

Much like this past year, we began our discovery process with 500px photos which were famous each category throughout 2018, to provide us a feeling of exactly what the community was engaging with. We hands-selected some choices from that group for the exact purpose of recognizing as numerous photographers so that as much high-quality act as possible. We added the most popular shots of 2018 from Editors’ Choice, and dug deep into great finds and &#8220undiscovered&#8221 sort out our Suggested Photos and our very own discovery.

Basically we can&rsquot recognize every great professional photographer around the platform, you want to thanks all for that outstanding work you&rsquove distributed to us again this season. Hopefully you like the most popular photos of 2018 around we enjoyed finding them&mdashstay tuned for parts 2 and three in our favorite photos on 12 ,. 28 and 31.

City & Architecture

MIA Atrium III by Scott Murphy on 500px.com

zones of light and darkness by Gilbert Claes on 500px.com

TK1 by Iiro Martikainen on 500px.com

What our photo editors loved:

Affected by the minimalist architecture we view because the 1920s, these images use sharp angles and smooth contours, accenting simple design and form as decorative elements and using the shadows that fall from all of these modernist designs. This different perspective ultimately encourages the viewer to re-think how they view and communicate with these spaces.


T-Pain by Daniel Gray on 500px.com

Lorde in NYC by Jake Chamseddine on 500px.com

Goggle Portraits of Olympians - Mark McMorris by Markus Berger on 500px.com

What our photo editors loved:

Dealing with models can be tough, but along with star power, things can definitely become difficult. All these photographers managed not just to rise towards the challenge, but to produce interesting concepts and compositions that reflect the personality of the subjects.

Urban Exploration

Messedamm Underpass by Claudio de Sat on 500px.com

LUMIX G9 Collaboration by LAMARR GOLDING on 500px.com

Shaft trunk by Serafim Gromov on 500px.com

What our photo editors loved:

There&rsquos a gritty feeling to those images that people appreciate&mdashwhether within the tonality from the shot or just the place itself&mdashand this weaves a story concerning the journey each professional photographer required to capture these moments.


DBX by Tobi Shinobi on 500px.com

Helicopter downwash on tall grass by Gael Le Martin on 500px.com

Porsche 911 991.1 GT3 Cup ready to hit the track for a night ride. by Deyan Yordanov on 500px.com

What our photo editors loved:

Whether or not this&rsquos the vista from your above-ground train speeding lower a track or perhaps a high-finish sports vehicle sitting idle, the photographers here communicated a obvious feeling of power and precision in every shot.


Admiring the mire by Arv?ds Bar?novs on 500px.com

Lit by hand by Eric  Paré on 500px.com

Stetind by Sigrid Buene on 500px.com

What our photo editors loved:

In all of our selections, there&rsquos a fascinating relationship between your night sky and lightweight. We admire the way in which each professional photographer balances these components to produce something magical without overdoing it.

Still Life

Eggs by Juan Zade on 500px.com

Ice cream scoops in spoons in food pattern by Valeria Aksakova on 500px.com

Peeler by Anil Akkus on 500px.com

What our photo editors loved:

The simplicity these shots is exactly what was out for all of us. Each image is attractively minimal but still descriptive and wealthy with context.


Solitude by Anders Wotzke on 500px.com

Les Veines Bretonnes by Thibault Poriel on 500px.com

Island Sunsets by Mountain Waves on 500px.com

What our photo editors loved:

Using the atmosphere surface of mind, we couldn&rsquot help but focus our lens around the natural splendor of trees, water, and rock formations taken from unique perspectives.


Flow by Mario Mirabile on 500px.com

*** by Babak Fatholahi on 500px.com

Untitled by Sixstreetunder on 500px.com

What our photo editors loved:

All these street photos is presented and composed well, with a decent dose of emotion to attract the viewer in. We love using shadows during these shots.


Bucatini all'amatriciana by Food Director mackinpo on 500px.com

Cremeschnitte by Tatjana Zlatkovic on 500px.com

Toast with avocado, feta cheese and boiled egg by Vladislav Nosick on 500px.com

What our photo editors loved:

In all these selections, you will find foreground and background factors that elevate the storyline and increase the depth towards the photos. We like this food photographers are leaving traditional lighting, choosing harsher lighting to produce more pronounced shadows, as evidenced in &#8216Cremeschnitte.&#8217

Exactly what do you consider the most popular photos of 2018? Share your picks within the comments!

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