@PortraitMeet: Community on Instagram with Photographer Can Ahtam

@PortraitMeet: Community on Instagram with Photographer Can Ahtam

Discover what goes into building a worldwide creative community with Shutterstock contributor and portrait artist Can Ahtam.

When Los Angeles-based photographer Can Ahtam started PortraitMeet, he had no idea how completely massive it would get. PortraitMeet is comprised of photographers around the world who come together through a series of in-person meetups. The focus of these meetups is to take portrait photographs.

Artist Series with Can AhtamArtist Series with Can Ahtam

What started with founder Can Ahtam in Boston has grown to an international community. PortraitMeets are taking place in cities around the entire world. Can is an accomplished portrait photographer and believes that knowledge is best shared. By bringing photographers of varied skills, professions, interests, and backgrounds together, Can built a thriving community of like minded individuals doing what they love: portrait photography.

What is PortraitMeet?

PortraitMeet is a community of photographers who have a passion for portrait photography. They are meetups that take place in person at different spaces around the world. Photographers have the opportunity to practice portrait photography and share their talent with other photographers in their geographical area.

At any given PortraitMeet, expect to find models, makeup artists, and photographers interacting together throughout the day. There will often be locations set up or sets created throughout the space. These sets provide perfect backdrops to practice your portrait photography skills. PortraitMeet is a fantastic way to get real experience photographing people, and add some new work to your portfolio.

Artist Series with Can Ahtam

We were introduced to PortraitMeet founder Can Ahtam’s work on Shutterstock, but were completely shocked by this online community of photographers he’s fostered. Needless to say we wanted to know more. So, for the latest Artist Series we went to Los Angeles to meet Can and learn more about what it takes to run a PortraitMeet.

In this Artist Series, go behind-the-scenes with portrait photographer Can Ahtam as he runs a PortraitMeet in El Segundo, California at the beautiful Unità.

In the next few weeks, expect to hear from Can again as he shares his top tips on creating a great Instagram, fostering community on Instagram, and using Instagram to promote your photography business. Stay tuned for some education from this talented creative on Shutterstock Presents.

All images by Can Ahtam.

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