PremiumBeat Announces Free Music for Creative Projects

PremiumBeat Announces Free Music for Creative Projects

Free music is now available at PremiumBeat! Explore this vast music library, and download your perfect tracks today to power up your creative projects.

We’ve got excellent news for videographers, indie filmmakers, podcasters, and other creatives — our friends at PremiumBeat just announced the release of a wide-ranging selection of totally free royalty-free music.

Here’s why this announcement is a game-changer: while it’s not impossible to find free music online, it is difficult to find good free music online, and PremiumBeat’s got a reputation for curating only the highest-quality tracks. We know the company’s new free music collection will be no different.

Ultimately, this is a fantastic opportunity to up your next project’s production value by licensing free royalty-free tracks from one of the best and biggest libraries around. PremiumBeat’s new offering includes free music from almost every mood and genre, all of them sourced from the company’s world-class roster of award-winning artists.

Here’s what we’ve learned about PremiumBeat’s new free music collection.

PremiumBeat Announces Free Music for Creative Projects — Fast, Free, and EasyMusic: free, fast, and easy.

Finding free music on PremiumBeat is fast and easy.

You can search PremiumBeat’s library just as you would normally, but now you’ll see free tracks included in your results. Additionally (and conveniently), you can use the site’s Advanced Search Filters to search exclusively for free tracks.

PremiumBeat Announces Free Music for Creative Projects — Any Mood, And GenreSet the right tone for anything you need.

Tracks from almost every mood and genre.

Horror, happy, heartfelt, high-energy — no matter the mood and vibe of your project, you’ll find the free cinematic music you need to take it to the next level. PremiumBeat’s new selection of free tracks includes a wildly diverse choice of genres, like classical, rock, rap, hip hop, pop, techno, and more.

PremiumBeat Announces Free Music for Creative Projects — No Strings AttachedYou free tracks will always be free.

Licensing PremiumBeat’s free music is a “no strings attached” affair.

When you license PremiumBeat’s free music for personal and commercial projects, you can use it in perpetuity. Add the free tracks to your cart, download them, drop them into your project. It’s seriously that easy.

Take a few minutes to learn more about PremiumBeat’s new free royalty-free tracks, and then explore their curated library of royalty-free songs. We know you’ll find music that inspires your best work yet.

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