Professional Tips for Magical Winter Landscape Photos

Try these effective tips from six pro landscape photographers because they share the way they capture enchanting pictures of frozen winter wonderlands.

In 1929, Edward Weston authored about certainly one of his first attempts at photographing winter in Chicago. He’d drenched themself inside a nearby stream to obtain the perfect view, and that he then hurried home together with his pants still &ldquofrozen stiff like a board.&rdquo Weston was cold and uncomfortable, but he didn&rsquot care the only real factor on his mind was his picture. Almost a hundred years later, any passionate landscape professional photographer can surely comprehend the excitement he felt. A real winter wonderland may be worth hrs of harsh weather and hard terrain.

We wondered about how exactly photographers today capture timeless winter images having a modern twist. Once we joined 2019, we wished to determine pictures that pressed the envelope, therefore we requested six gifted landscape photographers to inform us the way they create magical imagery in snow-capped mountain tops, frosty forests, and frozen ponds. Below, they take us towards the stunning and surprising locations they&rsquove found for winter photography and share a few of the invaluable knowledge they&rsquove collected on the way.

1. &#8220Be certain to understand the place ahead of time, particularly if you intend to shoot at beginning.&#8221

Vlad Sokolovsky


Image by Vlad Sokolovsky.&nbspGear: Nikon D90 camera, Nikkor 18-105 / 3.5-5.6 lens. Settings: Focal length 21mm exposure 1/200 sec f8 ISO 200.

What&rsquos the storyline behind this photo?

This really is my favorite-selling winter photo on Shutterstock. It had been designed a lengthy time ago, during the cold months of 2011, in Belarus. I wasn’t not even close to the town of Minsk, around the small river of Svisloch, encircled by forest. It is really an ordinary place, but during the cold months, a rather greater standpoint reveals a fantastically beautiful scene. Actually, I were able to take lots of artistic photographs each morning and evening of this 24 hour. This can be a breathtaking shot (6 vertical frames).


Image by Vlad Sokolovsky

Pro Tip

Make sure to understand the place ahead of time, particularly if you intend to shoot at beginning. For the reason that situation, you’ll have to come at nighttime, and it’ll be difficult to get your home without trampling the new snow. It’s also essential to plan your path to each location so your tracks always remain behind your snow remains neat and intact.

You’ll want warm winter footwear plus an extra pair to alter into in situation you have to drive a vehicle. It&rsquos better to combine mitts and mittens. Personally, i have mitts without &ldquofingers,&rdquo and that i put on mittens on the top of these. This way, it&rsquoll become more easy to press the buttons in your camera.

Never alter the lens on the cold camera whenever you&rsquore in the vehicle, as which will produce instant condensation! Whenever you return out of your shoot, keep the flash card and battery in your wallet, and set your camera inside your backpack. After I&rsquom in your own home, I take away the backpack without unbuttoning it and it somewhere where it’ll gradually go back to 70 degrees, such as the closet.


2. &#8220One of the most basic tips I’m able to give isn’t to hurry to photograph the most amazing view.&#8221

Evgeny Trezubov


Image by Evgeny Trezubov.&nbspGear: Nikon D810 camera, 14mm lens. Settings: Exposure 1/3 sec f13 ISO 64.

What&rsquos the storyline behind this photo?

I live near Lake Baikal in Siberia. In the winter months, this is among the most breathtaking places on the planet to shoot landscapes. I required this photo at sunset near Elenka Island, an online and slightly harmful place. I traveled by vehicle within the smooth, obvious ice from the lake. A brand new crack made an appearance near the shooting point. Water wasn’t frozen yet, also it could have been simple to fall with the ice, so I needed to move carefully. Maui is extremely photogenic, and from the certain position, it appears as though a triangular. I almost decreased your camera down to ensure that an expression from the clouds made an appearance around the ice.

Evgeny TrezubovEvgeny Trezubov

mosaic__mobile-caption">Pictured: [1] Evgeny Trezubov [2] Evgeny Trezubov

Pro Tip

Probably the most important tips I’m able to give isn’t to hurry to photograph the most amazing view. Should you choose that, you&rsquoll leave lots of tracks within the snow in the location before you decide to get the best position, so spend some time. Because the conditions in the winter months could be cold, you have to prepare all your photo taking equipment prior to going out. Use a new full battery and memory stick, and clean your lens. Spare batteries ought to be stored warm within an inside pocket of the jacket.

Check the temperature, and dress for that weather. Keep in mind that a clear, crisp temperature drop have a negative impact on your photo equipment, so not take away the camera out of your backpack once you end up within the heat. Since snow reflects light, the digital camera will frequently be mistaken concerning the exposure, so make sure to look into the histogram when you&rsquore while shooting, and, if at all possible, make use of the exposure compensation function.


3. &#8220Whether you&rsquore in Antarctica or near your home, the primary factor would be that the photo is unusual.&#8221

Volodymyr Goinyk


Image by Volodymyr Goinyk.&nbspGear: Canon 40D camera, Canon EF 17-40mm F4 USM lens. Settings: Focal length 17mm exposure ,3 sec f5.6 ISO 200.

What&rsquos the storyline behind this photo?

In 2008, I had been adopted a scientific expedition towards the Vernadsky Research Base in Antarctica being an engineer. I&rsquove been thinking about photography since my childhood, and so i ensured I had been well-stocked with photo equipment. There is an entire year in front of shooting the great landscapes of the icy continent. But there, it wasn’t simple to find interesting shots.

First of all, within the Vernadsky area, statistically, the sun’s rays arrives only thirty occasions annually, and all of those other time brings gloomy weather. Next, the polar winter can last for six several weeks, three which are nearly constantly dark, which in turn causes depression and indifference. It might be tough to get your camera and venture out looking for a great picture.

I truly desired to spend my birthday within an unusual place, and that i requested our experienced polar explorers about this. We required ice axes and helmets to some cave up high in your body of the glacier. There, I acquired this frame. It&rsquos a distinctive image since the cave is continually melting and collapsing. Individuals from the following expedition explained that, following a year, this ice cave was almost gone.


Image by Volodymyr Goinyk.&nbspGear: Canon 40D camera, Canon EF 17-40mm F4 USM lens. Settings: Focal length 17mm exposure 1/500 sec f8 ISO 200.

Pro Tip

I counsel everybody to consider unique shots, wherever you’re. Regardless of whether you&rsquore in Antarctica or near your home, the primary factor would be that the photo is unusual. Search for non-standard views and non-touristic places, and try to have a camera along with you anywhere you go.

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4. &#8220Long shoots in cold weather demand that you simply safeguard your ft, hands, mind, body, and face in the frost.&#8221

Elvin Heinla


Image by Elvin Heinla.&nbspGear: Nikon D70s camera, 70-300mm f4.-5.6 Tamron lens. Settings: Focal length 122mm exposure 1/100 sec f8 ISO 200.

What&rsquos the storyline behind this photo?

This photo was taken about 10 years ago. I had been on the photo shoot in northern Finland in Feb 2008. I was not lucky using the weather it had been cloudy, so we rarely saw the sun’s rays. Coming back in the Pieni Karhunkierros hiking trail, we made the decision to finish your day having a drive to the peak of Ruka mountain.

Your day was cloudy and somber at the end from the hillsides, but coming towards the top of the mountain felt like entering another world&mdasha sunny wonderland over the clouds. Around us lay a gentle cloudy blanket at night sun, along with a couple of snow-covered mountain peaks appeared as if islands in the center of an sea.

There is barely whenever to consider photos, and just around an hour continued to be before it got dark. Time needed to be used efficiently. I waded through hip-deep snow, encircled by frozen snow-covered fir trees. It had been a significant challenge but probably the most memorable encounters I&rsquove had photographing cold and snowy landscapes.


Image by Elvin Heinla.&nbspGear: Nikon D70s camera, 28-105mm f3.8-5.6 Sigma lens. Settings: Focal length 28mm exposure 1/3 sec f8 ISO 200.

Pro Tip

There’s no damaging weather, only bad clothing. If you wish to photograph winter landscapes, whether it is snow or ice, the most crucial factor would be to dress the proper way. Lengthy shoots in cold weather demand that you simply safeguard your ft, hands, mind, body, and face in the frost.

Since cold weather will take in the camera battery rapidly, make sure to carry spare batteries and these questions warm inside pocket, not inside a camera bag. When utilizing a filter, take care not to drop it within the snow or unintentionally breathe onto it because warm breath might get it done harm.

In extreme situations with many different slippery ice and uneven surfaces, take care not to stumble or drop your camera using the tripod. Besides fostering about both the chance of falling and shedding your gear, keep in mind that shooting in cold and frozen conditions continues to be fundamental landscape photography. And, obviously, you’ll need some luck to stay in the best place in the proper time.

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5. &#8220I always keep my images quite empty yet interesting.&#8221

Rudmer Zwerver


Image by Rudmer Zwerver.&nbspGear: Canon 5D Mark IV camera, Canon 11-24mm F4 lens. Settings: Focal length 11mm exposure 1/25 sec f16 ISO 100.

What&rsquos the storyline behind this photo?

This small nature reserve, Baggelhuizen within the Netherlands, was certainly one of individuals places I still had yet to go to, though it was near to my daily commuting route. One evening, the wintertime weather showed up, and subsequently morning, I went for this location. I didn&rsquot know this area, and so i began travelling, progressing carefully to ensure that I wouldn&rsquot disturb the snow cover an excessive amount of. It had been a pleasant morning having a fluffy clouded sky and rimed trees. This produced a mystical ambiance and led to some satisfying shots.


Image by Rudmer Zwerver

Pro Tip

Keep tabs on the elements forecasts to be able to react rapidly once the conditions are right. It&rsquos also wise to possess a listing of appropriate photo locations where you live. They may be organized in a single of individuals photography apps (such as the Professional photographer&rsquos Ephemeris) in your smartphone. Snow and rime are best once they&rsquore fresh, so try to leave there once you can.

When you are there, search for patterns and discover balance within the textures and colors inside the landscape. It&rsquos best to utilize a tripod and ISO 100 in RAW to photograph several locations from various angles and various tripod heights. The broader the position, the greater important the foreground becomes, because the horizon appears even further away. The foreground will pull your vision in to the photo, which is the start of the storyline you need to tell.

For me, a landscape image needs to breathe tranquility. I usually keep my images quite empty yet interesting. Typically, I’ll go back home with a large number of images. Yet there’s always one winning photo. Besides that one, I’ll pick a couple of other nice ones to proceed with. Photos which are too much like one another aren’t well worth the effort of editing. As my lens can&rsquot carry filters, I typically bracket every photo with three exposures. I simply make certain I’ve the editing latitude I want after merging the exposures.

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6. &#8220If you&rsquore likely to remote locations, tell somebody where you stand, whenever you&rsquore intending to arrive, and also the route you intend on taking.&#8221

llaszlo (Laszlo Lorik)


Image by llaszlo (Laszlo Lorik).&nbspGear: Nikon D7100 camera, Nikon 105mm F2,8g macro lens. Settings: Exposure 1/320 sec F6,3 ISO 100.

What&rsquos the storyline behind this photo?

This photo was adopted path to our prime Tatras in Slovakia. It was in the finish of winter, and from nowhere, an enormous storm showed up. You can observe the rain clouds within the mountaintops.

llaszlo (Laszlo Lorik)llaszlo (Laszlo Lorik)

Pictured: [1] llaszlo (Laszlo Lorik) [2] llaszlo (Laszlo Lorik)

Pro Tip

Put on warm mitts to hold your cold metal tripod, and get ready for the worst possible weather, especially full of the mountain tops. Make use of the right filter in your lens as needed (polarized and ND are my primary choices). Know your gear, find your lens sweet place, and employ the best aperture value.

In harsh conditions, make certain to safeguard your gear (and yourself, obviously). Should you&rsquore likely to remote locations, tell somebody where you stand, whenever you&rsquore intending to arrive, and also the route you intend on taking. There aren’t any ideal occasions to consider images, so just look for a nice location after which wait for a best lighting or climate conditions.

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Top Image by Volodymyr Goinyk

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