Projector, a Collaborative Creative Platform, Launches with Shutterstock Integration

Projector, a Collaborative Creative Platform, Launches with Shutterstock Integration

Projector and Shutterstock joined forces to remove creative roadblocks so everyone can create beautifully-designed visuals that stand out.

Ideas matter because they inspire us to come together, look beyond what is, and imagine possibilities for what could be. 

But turning ideas into beautiful visual stories with the power to captivate an audience can be difficult since many existing creative tools have a steep learning curve. 

Projector was built to make it easy for anyone to visually communicate their ideas. It offers a collaborative design interface that’s approachable for people who have limited design experience and powerful enough for seasoned designers to feel at home. 

On June 16th, 2020, Projector launched with a Shutterstock integration to provide users with access to millions of stunning images and videos within their editing experience. 

According to Trevor O’Brien, Projector CEO:

Projector is all about helping people bring their ideas to life. Immersive video and beautiful photography are elemental pieces of that. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for our customers to explore and use inspiring media to tell their stories, and we knew Shutterstock would deliver. The breadth and quality of the Shutterstock catalog are remarkable, and the brand is one that many of our customers already know and trust.

Here’s how we’re delivering on the promise of empowering people to tell their stories with creative freedom.

What you can create

Projector, a Collaborative Creative Platform, Launches with Shutterstock Integration — What You Can CreateImage by July Prokopiv

The Shutterstock integration allows Projector users to choose from millions of fresh, high-quality images and video clips to craft their designs. This includes presentations, print documents, social media posts, images, videos, GIFs, and transparent stickers.

What’s more, Projector’s video-game quality graphics engine handles video, GIFs, images, vector graphics, PDFs, drawings, shapes, and text smoothly to ensure designs look sharp.

With the Shutterstock image and video libraries at your fingertips, you can skip the time-consuming process of opening up a new browser window, searching for assets, licensing, downloading, editing, and then returning to Projector to upload. 

Instead, you can simply type in your search, pick the one you like, and edit with filters, tints, and blur effects within your Projector workspace. 

Both the Shutterstock image and video libraries have over a dozen categories including technology, nature, food, and more to ensure that you can find the right image or video clip for your needs. With so many assets to choose from, Projector users can also quickly swap assets to personalize designs for multiple audiences, formats, and platforms. 

Special media effects

A unique feature Projector offers is the ability for users to fill shapes, backgrounds, and text with images and videos to add an extra layer of dynamism. You can use Shutterstock images and videos to any design component that supports media within Projector. 

You can also set transitions between moving videos using advanced effects like water ripples, glitch effects, morphing, and more to add movement into your projects.

Bring teams together to give ideas life

Projector, a Collaborative Creative Platform, Launches with Shutterstock Integration — Bring Teams TogetherImage by Marish

Projector supports real-time collaboration with two editing modes, Write and Design. This means copywriters and designers can work together without running into version control issues.

In addition to the editing modes, you and your team can work with images and videos simultaneously. You can see the elements that your collaborators are working on within Projector and add both images and videos to the same project at the same time. For example, one team member can add a video to the background of a product mockup within iPhone dimensions while another team member is customizing copy with special media effects. 

With collaboration built into the tool, you and your team can shorten the time it takes to share your ideas with your audience. 

Create a design to call your own

Projector, a Collaborative Creative Platform, Launches with Shutterstock Integration — Sample MockupsImage by Softulka

Projector helps people and teams turn their ideas into beautiful visual stories that captivate any audience. The best part—you can access and use the product within your browser with no downloads required.

You can access Projector here. To use the Shutterstock integration, click on the media icon and then clicking either image or video.

Featured image by Xenia Artwork.

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